Hollow Earth

  • We are purely a white-list server. We ask that anyone interested in
    joining our staff, you must be able to build, and I don't mean 15 - 20
    minutes structures. We want your heart and blood so to speak. If you
    take pride in your work and visualize something better, this is where we
    would like you to grow with. We have several mods and plugins that will
    help prevent griefing.

    We are offering the new released mod pack
    from SimCraft. We host over 40 mods and 20+ plugins. Our main
    spotlights are Heroes, McMMO, Faction, Towny, BuildCraft,
    IndustrialCraft2, Mo'Creatures and so much more.

    We are an RPG
    Adventure server with a dedicated world for mining so the main world
    will remain pure. Hollow Earth is a 24/7 server with minimum downtime.
    We will have a multi-rank system, that will expand via skills, classes,
    Electoral positions on our cities/towns. Kings, Queens,Mayors, Sheriffs.
    And Builders, Miners, Fishermen, Tailors, Alchemists, Armorers, Bakers,
    Blacksmiths, Weapon-smiths, Carpenters, Glass & Pottery Makers,
    Farmers, Class & Skill Trainers, Crafting Recipes Vendors and Magic
    Scroll Vendors.

    All those that join us will have a solid role in
    our lore and quest lines. Receive Veteran Status on our server if you
    wish to stick around.We will have a trial member program, and a
    refer-a-friend program. With what all we plan on having in store for all
    of you MC Gamers.

    The following positions are open and offered.
    To qualify, you will have to take a creation test. We will allow you 30
    mins. to build. No shanty designs accepted. Hollow Earth is gonna be in
    the top servers and we want you to be a part of it.

    I know that
    we asking a whole lot out of you but if you put your heart,sweet and
    blood.into your work you know its gonna be epic and treasured. "Will
    have a system in effect that only the one who built the buildings will
    be allowed to upgrade their own buildings" Hopefully this will work well
    with our builders.

    So If ya have Medieval, Fantasy. Gothic or Middle Earth visions, we want you!
    A list will be provided on our main forums at http://www.guildcommand.com.
    Register and sign up on our white-list and give us an idea of your
    talent and skills. I myself will invite you in. I have cleaned house
    from our previous host and we have moved in with the Creeper.

    Happy Hunting, See ya there!!

  • I'd like to join, but I haven't done too much Gothic architecture, favoring modernistic or brutalistic boxes that fit with IC the way I play it. So I guess I wouldn't be able to do it. :(

    2. Go away, you creeper wierdo!
    3. What ever, I'll just go around.
    4. Hup, over their heads I go!
    5. Okay Mister living grenade, I'm going to knock you into those skeletons, and I'll follow through with a nano saber. Understood? FOR THE ALMIGHTLY DRAGON LORD!