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  • It's a really good plot as far as you gave it to us, but if The Demonlord Chronicles come back, will this still be continued, or will it be completely released before TDC comes back?


    on a sidenote about figuring things out, it kinda dawned to me that she was a vamire when you wrote :"Her hand was already
    holding a wine glass, apparently half-empty. She sure liked to drink that
    wine a lot, didn’t she?"

    And i guess she is going to turn him into a vampire (not sure, just thinking about when she thinks something like "could they... Well, at least he wasn't an asshole or a jerk" (something like that) and maybe Feyn is involved in a police department that has something to do with the supernatural world?

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    The issue with writing stories is, the stories simply run by themselves. For example this story started with a few ideas and after 2 hours I had 6 pages written and not a single of the plotideas reached yet. It simply evolves by itself.
    The exact same way, It can happen I simply can't figure out how the story can continue. This is exspecially the case in longer and more complex stories, because you need to watch for consistenz and stuff... That's why I, overall, prefer writing shorter storys.
    I'll continue whichever story I feel capable to write. Currently it's pretty much this one ^^

    That's what I meant in the main post :3 You'll see whether you were right, or utterly wrong in the next chapter.

  • Ahh, oké, i never actually wrote a story (some writing tasks for school are probably the longest things i've ever written) and i probably won't because i would utterly fail at consistency and stuff.
    And I just hope you get some really good ideas for TDC (aka: take as much time as you want) cause then i'll have more pleasure reading them :D

  • Wow, that really was a plottwist worthy of your description, but at least i was right about him being involved in a police departement that had something toe do wit the supernatural world :D

    I thought thuis was a very good story, o almighty dragonlord modderator

  • ahh, oke, i thought that voice he was talking to in the story, that was talking about only doing that when he was older and more experienced, was the oficer of his police department, but I guess this story truly messes with my mind

  • argh Almighty Dragonlord Modderator, you truly are as evil as you suggest in your post, you give us facts information and then, not tell us when you will release them the parts (in no way, shape or form is this me asking for release date, because I know that asking for release = BANHAMMER, and i thought that in the discussion sexion of TDC, you mentioned it also applies to the off topic section (quotation needed)

    and does this mean that the random scribbling past part 6 actually got a plotline?

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    Well, "random scribbling" means I simply don't stop writing after completing the plotline and simple create a continuiation of the story without a pre-thought of plotline. I usually dislike that kind of writing, because it tends to end up in more flat and plotless stories, but sometime I juts feel like writing further.