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    God, this is old. Like, the dusty definition of oldness itself.
    As the compiled files are entirely useless by now (outdated by long), I suppose you wanted to check the source files?
    I'm not sure whether they can still be of use by now, keep in mind the whole mod was written for... I don't even remember which version it was...
    Anyways, help yourself, I have attached the source files to this post.

    Spoilered answer:

    Haha, no, not recently, though I have been in Colonia Agrippina a few times. Our Latin teacher loved to make 'excursions' to the Roman sights/ruins and overall bars in Köln.
    Is the name Loreley (or Lorelei, as it's usually spelled) related to the Rhein? I'm aware it's not a new name, though I can't tell where it originates from.

    Written in just two long, exhausting nights (literally, 90% of the story was written from 10PM to 5AM), I created another short tale of wonderous wonders. Or something along those lines.
    I simply had one of those 'Damn, that would make a good plot.' moments and couldn't resist dropping everything I've been working on for those few days. And hereby I present you:
    A Black Feather

    The story itself takes place in our all-known and beloved world of Daina, namely in the later periods of the 'Age of Wheel'.
    It is about a single being, which had been given blessing and curse alike, out there, alone, trying to find it's destinys. And just when it thought it found what it desired for... it is tested anew.
    A story of love, pain, sadness and gods.
    Be advised the story is rated 'slight' mature for implicit nudity, mature themes and the occasional trace of violence.
    Even more important, however, the story is effectively a spoiler: It gives out a some background information about things that happened chronologically before, but have yet to be written. Though it's not as if the revelation in this story wasn't predictable...

    Anyways, enjoy reading, leave feedback at the discussion forum and swim in the fantastic world of Daina.

    Link to Story

    Discuss 'A Black Feather' in this thread. What do you say to plot? Was it fitting? Surprising? Unexspectedly awesome?
    As well, I would like to hear your oppinion about the protagonist's character progression throughout the story.
    And lastly, I of course want to know what you think about the ending, reintroducing a well-known face... sorta...

    Added the chapters 6-10, as well as the spellchecked chapters 1-5 (credit for spellchecking goes to Shalashalska).
    Just download the newer attachment. I've decided to 'rerelease' it as a single new file every time, to ease things for new readers (much simpler then TDC where you needed to download every part individually).

    Ye, I suck at making up names. And somehow I just couldn't get rid of Ezzio, but didn't want to take exactly that... and so it's Eizo now. Which at least turns into a good nickname 'Ez'. Which again could be considered a pun towards LoL's Ez-rael.

    Thanks for the feedback, it usually feels boring to simply write a story without any response at all. Apparent desinterest of the readers is a pretty major motivation killer to me.

    A recent story project of mine, which originally started out as a simplistic idea, which pretty much based around using two perspectives within a single novel. By now it's already quite a few pages along and will probably turn out beyond the 50 pages mark.
    It's content is set in the present time, with a slight hint of... well, you would for sure love to know what goes in here, but that would be a spoiler.
    Let's say the story is pretty much a jerk when it comes to leaving the reader in the dark, and that's full intention. The background and much of the needed information will be revealed part-by-part across the story. You're free to set up your own speculations and discuss those in this thread

    Regarding it's rating, I would dare to say
    it's definitely somewhere along MATURE, since it contains potential violence and eventually the one or other bloody chapter.
    No over-hyped amount of gore or adult content, however.
    Nontheless read at your own danger
    , you know how painful bad grammar can burn one's eyes.

    Be advised that I'll release the story in smaller chunks, since a main aspect of the story is it's intention to leave the reader guessing as what to could happen next (which would be pointless if you could just read the whole story right away).
    As well, please keep in mind that the first few chapters aren't exactly full of action or anything suchlike, but be assured that the interesting chapters will come very soon.

    Link to Story

    Given the style the story is written in be aware everything posted below could contain essential spoilers, accordingly I disrecommend you from reading this thread if you didn't read the story (to it's currently released point) already.

    Otherwise, how about sharing your oppinion of the story and, more importantly (to me) your assumptions on what is going to happen next.

    I would be wary about using that sort of sloppy legal language to support your argument. "Mods can do whatever they want" is fine in conversation, but in actual terms of service, it's just about meaningless.

    Even if Mojang's TOS document says that minecraft mods can 'do whatever they want', that doesn't grant legal backing to everything a minecraft mod does. For a ridiculous example, let's say I made a mod with terms of service that transfer ownership of the user's computer to me, as well as sovereignty over the continent of Antarctica. Would I have the legal ability to do that? No, of course not, but it falls within the extremely vague guidelines of Mojang's terms of service.

    Both the things you mentioned are PERMITTED from Mojang's side... though forbidden by other partys (f.e. there is a law in Germany that would forbid a compoany to state the former example of yours).

    With the 'vague' statements, Mojang merely offers itself will not restrict modders. This doesn't mean modders are unrestricted entirely (due to (inter)national laws and blarg), but it means you can pretty much specify your own ToS, unless you really insist on doing something amazingly retarded (like claiming Antarctica).

    The Hazard Suit is an overall sub-par armor, but grants full immunity to shock, fire, acid, radiation and as well lava (and as well drowning and fall damage, with boots/helmet respectively).
    On the other hand, the suit will be torn apart quickly if you use it for casual mob-fighting.


    Can't find anywhere where it says that private redistribution is allowed...

    Well, I cannot find the source you got that quote from. Older version of the ToS?


    Modifying any or all of the files of IC is permitted without limitations for private use only.
    The publication of modified IC² files (in compiled format) can be permitted under conditions noted here.

    1. Modifying without limitations, which includes reusage and redistribution is permitted for private use. If you own a server and only hand out the files to a few selected people (and can assume those won't hand out the files publiccy either), it's private.
    2. PUBLICcing the modified files, as in providing a freely avaible download is restricted. public != private

    for private server you can just share JAR + config + mods folder via skype or teamspeak this is TOS\EULA violation, but nobody will notice, since server is private.

    Be advised that the PRIVATE redistribution is not limited for exactly this reason. Accordingly it's no TOS violation.

    How about crafting a cheaper miner version, together with a few pieces of ITNT and then place a miner which will perform it's full mining operation within a few seconds (maybe a minute), consuming itself in the process?

    Well America is really the only country that matters

    I do not agree with this statement.

    No one is making any money from this so why put DRM in a mod?

    That's the point, IC's copyright's main clause people dislike is exactly THIS point. Not allowed to use AdFly.
    The issue comes up when people try to make money of it.