Breeder productivity

  • Hi @ll!
    I am quite new to IC² and I m doing some experiments with reactors and breeders to understand the functionality.
    I tried the two breeder of the official reactor thread: the cheap breeder and the efficient breeder.
    It says that the cheap one charges 24,7 cells, and the efficient one 88 cells.
    But in the game, I can't see any difference. Both require one complete reactor cycle for recharging the isotope cells.
    Is there something wrong, is it a bug, or did I make an error with handling the breeder?

    Setting: MagicLauncher0.9.9, mcforge_univ_4.1.4.281, optifine_1.3.2, buildcraft_3.2.0pre7, industrialcraft-2_1.106

  • ahhhhhh, I see, I never went over the heating cell with my mouse, thanks for the hint.
    Now I will bring those babies on heat ^^