New Coffee!

  • I have a few ideas for new ways to brew that milky beverage we know and love... I'm talking about coffee of course!


    Decaffinated coffee is a version of normal coffee that has
    slightly less buffs but no debuffs.

    Decaf Coffee is created by first placing coffee powder in an
    extractor. This will create decaffinated coffee powder, which can then be used
    to craft like normal coffee.


    Espresso coffee is a coffee similar to normal coffee, but
    has slightly better buffs.

    Espresso Coffee is created by first placing normal coffee
    powder in a compressor, which yields espresso coffee powder. This can then be
    used as an ingredient the same way as making normal coffee.


    A cappucino would have the same effects as espresso, but
    would fill more of the hunger bar.

    A cappucino is made by placing hot espresso coffee in a

  • Coffe... doesn't have any debuffs? (No major ones at least, been a long time since I used it) And we don't need different kinds, just drink more for the strength you want.

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