IC² v1.106 for v1.3.2 Bug (trampolines)

  • Hi IC2 developers, i was just playing around in survival mode and i wanted to make a trampoline :Rubber Trampoline: to catch me at the bottom of my mine-shaft, got it all set up as per your instructions on your forum page and I went to test it out . My first jump about 10 blocks high and i passed through the trampoline block and the block was destroyed( destroyed meaning completely removed and the item disappeared and irretrievable). Thinking this was just one of the normal physical property's of the tramp, i tried it again this time only on block high, unfortunately the same thing happened again, this process repeated until all 9 of my tramp blocks where destroyed. this isn't a pressing matter considering all the other things your mod has to offer and taking into consideration how busy i m sure you guys are, but i just wanted to let you guys know for the next update. thanks allot guys!

    P.S. maybe consider adding an elevator or service elevator machine into IC2 in a later update