Power flowing through wiring after removal?

  • Hi all,

    So.. I've got a rather simple arrangement of devices; a generator, feeding a bat-box, feeding a macerator and a couple other devices. I'm using insulated copper wire.

    The thing is, if I remove some of the wiring (using an axe), the power somehow keeps flowing. This goes even for removing the wires leading from the generator to the bat-box; there are no other wires, naturally.

    I'd call it a bug, but this seems too fundamental to be one; I couldn't possibly be the first to notice. So I'm probably doing something wrong, I just can't figure out what. Help?

    Oh, and I'm running v1.106.

  • ..wait, so it actually *was* a bug?

    Huh. Okay, I'll do that, thanks. I'm a bit surprised the fix wouldn't be backported to the current stable version, though.