Magnetizer idea

  • Currently magnetizers draw a flat 2EU/"s" no matter where you are on the pole. I have an idea that would make it a little more realistic:

    • Make magnetizers draw anywhere from 1-32 eu/"s", capped both ways.
    • Make them give the player a boost of a certain amount of acceleration per inverse meter from the magnetizer per EU/"s".
    • Have this include gravity - so if the boost is small you will slide up albeit slowly.
    • Have this be per player/(NPC later?) - so if you have two players you either consume twice the current (if possible) or (more likely) have both players go up more slowly.
    • Have magnetizers be able to magnetize fences beside them (already suggested I believe)
    • Have the accelerations stack for multiple magnetizers (again possibly capped) - but each one must still be powered separately!
    • Have acceleration possibly be capped for sanity reasons.
    • This could mean that if you don't have enough power or you have too many players on the pole you may stop or even start slowly descending!

    This would avoid the arbitrary limit of 20 blocks while still making it expensive to create very high elevators...