So far away?

  • hi all, i need some help from you guys
    it's strange that i built a new base really far away from my old one,
    i put all my IC2 stuffs in my old house, it just work really well, nothing's wrong at that time

    but now, after i go working at new base, i came back from long distance, (means the " Minecraft unload because too far away")
    all my things in old house aren't working at all , MFE unexpectedly stop gathering power from my solar panel ( sunny day of course)
    i put some ore into Macerator before i go to new base, then now it stops too , some ores did turn into dusts, but the others didn't
    so i have to save > Exit , then come back, it will start working again, but same problem everyday, can anyone help?

    sorry for my poor English though