Two Mark-1 breeder designs

  • Hello, fellow engineers! I have just perfected two (2) new MARK-I Breeder reactor designs, both having a high output of Uranium cells for your 4 Uranium input (or 4 thorium, whichever design you use)

    First off, the MARK-I Uranium-fueled design:
    Link to the first design

    This reactor will disperse all heat generated, but only heat that is generated by the uranium cells. You can heat-up this reactor by tossing some quad-cells in it (when it has the heat-capacity plating inside and nothing else, of course), shut it off at about 40,000 hull heat, remove the cells, and put all of the components in place. The hull will keep it's heat value forever, as long as there are only component vents/exchangers cooling it down. This design will output one re-enriched cell every 55.8 seconds at 40,000 hull heat, as long as you keep feeding it depleted cells, of course.

    Next, if you have the awesome GregTech mod, you can make this design:
    Link to the second design

    This is based off of the standard Uranium design, but uses Thorium cells and outputs less heat - meaning that you can add even more heat-capacity plating, and heat it up to 60,000 hull heat - outputting an average of one cell every 83.8 seconds, spread over the entire Thorium cycle of 13 hours, 53 minutes and 20 seconds!
    However - this design is only theoretical, and has not been tested yet. I am in no way responsible for you accidentally terraforming your base into the New Grand Canyon because you chose to use this design without testing it first.

    I have published these experimental designs in hopes that it will help other engineers make more efficient designs, and maybe even improve these designs. Feel free to use these designs as much as you want.

    Edited: first link had smiley format code in it, however it was not added intentionally. It somehow was part of the link.

  • I'm just a complete newbie to all of this stuff, but I decided to create a world to test out that second breeder. Did it in creative mode, got the hull temp up to 39528 before getting nervous.

    This is in the FTB beta A pack.

    I'd drop in an isotope cell, and it would *nearly instantly* be a re-enriched uranium cell. No 84 second wait, it was more like one or two seconds.

    Am I doing something "wrong"? Am I misunderstanding how this works, and the reactor somehow has re-enrichment "saved up" for short while I was running it with near-depleted uranium instead of the depleted isotopes I should have been using?

    What gives?

    (Also, out of curiosity, rather than dropping these things in by hand and pulling them back out again, is there some other, better way of doing it?)

    (BTW, that second link is a bit broken, required massaging.)

  • It has to do with being in creative mode. Normal Isotope cells are empty and charge up, while ones spawned in creative mode start at full. If you get the components and craft your own, it should work like normal.