=-=Suggestion=-=Fully Nano!

  • Ever wanted Nano tools not just Saber+Armor!
    :Nano Saber: :Nano-Helmet: :Nano-Bodyarmor: :Nano-Leggings: :Nano-Boots:
    I have been thinking over the past couple of days about this suggestion because im a fan of Nano and it would be cool to have not just the saber but other tools like Nano Pickaxe and Nano Axe Etc

    A Crafting suggestion would be(Pickaxe):

    Top Left:Carbon Plate.

    Top Middle:Energy Crystal.

    Top Right:Carbon Plate..

    Centre and Bottem Middle: Iron or Stick.

    A different Crafting suggestion (Shovel):

    Top Middle:Carbon Plate.

    Centre Middle:Energy Crystal.

    Bottom Middle:Iron Or Stick.

    They could be powered up(Losing More Power then if Normal)and could mine/kill etc quicker then Diamond.With a Fully charged Pickaxe needing the most then axe Etc..

    Any comments would be Great :D

    Leader at M.S.A.G------Xx_Oli_xX

  • raGan Im just Suggesting Ideas.You could Suggestion a Crafting idea :)Well anyone can!

    Leader at M.S.A.G------Xx_Oli_xX