A new project, needs some help

  • Okay, the basic concept is here. It's a new hybrid CRCS design I'm trying to refine.

    Here's the thing, if I can get the micro-cycle time to 106 or higher, the thing will need only a SINGLE C00ld0wn tower! Unfortunately, I can't push it any higher than 93.

    I'm worried the weak point of the design is that there's only room for three component heat exchangers, which is the real throttle on the cooling capability, and I'm not sure how to bypass it without losing efficiency. Basically, I'm trying to make a smaller and more managable tower which produces a more reasonable amount of EU/t but doesn't need quite so many cooling towers. If I can get this thing down to a single tower, many of the problems with a CRCS system will be greatly simplified.

    Now granted, I could just build one on either side and set up both transfers to the same redpower trigger, but I'm really trying to see if I can do this with a single cooling tower, since I have other reactors that work with two towers which have the same efficiency but much higher EU output.