Lightning causing E-Net destruction

  • So, there are a lot of people who come here every so often (noobs) who want lightning rods, that generate EU from lightning. That is denied, as it is OP and just stupid. This idea kinda uses the mechanic of energy from a lightning strike, but not in a good way...

    Basically, when EU packets run through a cable during a thunderstorm, (ex. generator charging a batbox through copper wires) there is an increased chance that the cable will be ''selected'' to be struck by lightning. Before it is struck, it is checked to see if there is a block above it. If there is a block above the cable, nothing happens. If there is not, well, the Lightning strikes the cable in a fantastic show of sparks and random static-electric discharges. Specifically, multiple packets of (nearly, maybe more or less) 8,000,000,000 EU are sent through all possible directions along the cable(s). The packets, upon frying a machine, cause it to explode with about as much force as a creeper or TNT, and may jump to nearby cables, effectively destroying most of, or all of, the E-net. Lightning can also target energy storage blocks, with higher chances of a strike depending on the amount of EU stored in the block. There may also be a tesla-coil-like effect, harming nearby entities/players for a few seconds, if they are close to an affected wire or machine (however, they will most likely die if they are anywhere near the point where the lightning strikes. This will make it vital to players to establish a roof before they start wiring their base, else one thunderstorm could send them back to the dark ages.

    Although this uses some E-net logic, and ''technically'' gets EU from lightning, the EU can never be used, with any setup, and will likely kill anyone who experiments with it. Not even 5 HV transformers on the sides/bottom of a cable will be able to collect any EU, and they will simply spread the destructive EU-packets along more wires, and cause slightly more lag than normal.

    That could also have the effect of making n00bs stop asking for lightning rods, as long as people make enough YouTube videos on ''how to set up an IC2 lighgtning rod'', telling of how to set up the cables to get struck, but not showing it in action. (they try it, they die, they ragequit, ask about it somewhere, get told why it happens, and they never ask again for any lightning rods or anything, unless they are just stupid)
    It may also then be advised to reply to Lightning rod suggest topics, saying ''IC2 already has lightning rods: (link to youtube video)''

    However, this may be too much of a task, may be too hard to code or may cause too much lag, or may cause bugs/crashes excessively. In that case, forget that this suggestion ever happened, and let it wither away into the depths of the previous pages of topics, to never be found or asked about again.

  • GT added both lightning rods, and wires/machines being destroyed by rain.

    I know about GregTech. But I just thought that it would shut up some noobs asking for lightning rods, if Lightning blows up entire E-nets upon striking any wire/machine in it. They suggest lightning rods, someone tells them that it is already a feature, the noob sets it up, and it explodes. They might whine a little bit, but it would likely keep others from suggesting the same idea.
    And also it would be a cool feature.

  • This would be pretty awesome.

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