IC2 Lag - world maybe broken?

  • Hi folks,

    i hope some ppl can help us here.

    Since 3 days we're getting horrible lag(spikes): gettin ported back, doors/chest only opens 5sec later, can't mine blocks in real time etc.
    NuclearControl shows us that the server time is jumping:
    (Server Warning: Can't keep up blalbla)

    The server is running with this mods:

    -Forge 1.5.2 -
    -IC2 1.116.373-lf (also tried the new 1.117)
    -BC 3.7.1
    -Railcraft 1.5.2-
    -Traincraft 4.0.1_002
    -IC2NuclearControl 1.5.1c
    -GraviSuite 1.9.3

    -Optifine and Rei's Minimap client side
    Server hosted by g-factory.de

    Things i tried so far that didn't work:
    -MCEdit -> look for mass entities, broken chunks etc
    -up and downgraded IC2 (dev builds, open beta version)
    -deactivated mods one by one; all works fine till IC2 is installed again
    -deleted large water-mill / solar farms
    -deactivated IC2 sounds
    -deactivated monsters

    On start, the server runs fine but after several minutes it's unplayable.

    So when anyone can take some sparetime or has some other ideas or need more information - let me know.
    If you want to see the problem live, send me a PN with your MC IGN and i'll whitelist you and send you the modpack, config and IP.

  • Hi Player,

    did 3 logs:

    1st (right after server startup)

    2nd (5min later)

    3rd (killed the sheeps)

    Hope this will help ;(
    Many thanks in advance!