Looking for some stuff...

  • I have been recently looking for 2 things added by mods. I do not know the mods they originate from, nor really anything else about where they come from. So, I came here to see if anyone knows, and if anyone can point me to where I can find the mods that add the stuffs.

    -First is some kind of grinding machine. I do not know what it is powered by, but I do know that it has a 3x3 input, and a 3x3 output. Between the inputs/outputs, are 3 ''progress-bars'', that look like the IC2 macerator progress bars, but they are aligned with the top/middle/bottom rows of the input/output grids. I guess it is some kind of machine that grinds 9 items at a time, and it is probably slow at doing so.

    -Next is some kind of crafting table. It works like any other crafting table, except that it can craft ingredients of its recipe, or ingredients of the recipes of ingredients of the main recipe, and it shows you options for what all it is capable of crafting, of which you can select any. For example, you can input 6 copper cable, 9 refined iron, 2 redstone, and 6 stone, and it will give you the options of an electronic circuit, a machine block, stone bricks, or a compressor (that is what you are attempting to craft) - where, with a normal table, you would have to first craft the circuit, then the machine block, then those together with the 6 stone, to make a compressor.

    Any help would be very helpful. Maybe I am not the only one with this issue of not being able to trace those stuffs to their source mod, and if so, others with that problem may come here and find the answer.
    Thank you.

  • I think I ever see the second one, but I unfortunately also forget it too... This may sound bad but probably your best bet is on the technic forum, because they add mods randomly without permission there might be a chance that it is there

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    For me nothing is OP. It just a mod for fun and I'm playing it for fun. Unless it created items from nothing. Automining not included, neither do in case of self replicating machine. However GregTech is still good, so:

    GregTech Documentation Task Force Needed!

  • Ah, thank you all for the help. That is exactly what I was looking for. I guess the Crafting Table II and Crafting Table III mods may have been in that video I saw, as part of tekkit/technic. The Rock crusher, sadly, only crushes one item at a time I see, but it was what I was looking for, I guess, as the GUI looks identical to that which I was looking for.