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    Well if anyone plays KSP here, and I know wasmic play it, here is a thread dedicated to this radiation rant: http://forum.kerbalspaceprogra…o-counter-radiation-scare and this:…ry-e6frfrnr-1226729221701

    And this:…schools-france-banned.asp
    Or this:
    then this:…ban-in-new-zealand-school


    But... those radio transmitter workers aren't dying because of radio radiation...


    I just need to get the wieght shifted a little more.

    Nice VTOL! Currently all of my VTOL attempts are failed
    Anyway I'm currently still in my mining phase, I really want to use my CC turtle for quarry mining, but using them means that I need to lock myself to minecraft because logging off means my turtle will get stuck down there, any suggestion for better mining program than stock excavate?

    But manual mining isn't that bad... I got 1 stack of diamonds that way, but I've run out of base metal like copper and tin

    And for LinuxPhoenix: How do you able to run LoL on linux? It is unfortunate that there isn't any native client for linux, as it the only obstacle from me to do fair comparison between LoL and Dota 2.... as I could just smack a big red word of, you know... I don't want to sound like fanboys nor I want to start a huge flame war

    Edit: And also HoN. It also have a native linux client.

    Edit^2: But I do know its not LoL fault, its Adobe's fault

    I think this system is not realistic, as in real life generators doesn't produce a fixed amount of electricity, any load applied to generator terminals will slow the generator down, and the governor detected slowdown, increasing amount of steam delivered toward steam turbine

    Instead, you need to match the production towards consumption, which I think its worse than old packet based system which is more intuitive, and realistic as per above

    ^That's cool, but is it practical? The handle seems to be angled
    And it that picture there isn't any exit hole for the bullet to come through... unless the blade thickness is much thicker than what I seen here, so probably someone need to make that weapon inside 3D modelling program

    Unless if the use of that gun is similar to the old rifle powered grenade launcher, in which it uses blank rounds to propel the blade in this case.

    Warning text below here is extremely OOT, do not look at it until a supervisor tells you to look at it

    I honestly don't know, since the only game that I currently play are:

    - Dota 2 (which depending on your interpretation come out this year or at 2010)
    - Minecraft 1.5.2 because FTB Unleashed are still in that version

    and execbolts. I still remember you from the spambot wars...

    Honestly, the big problem with CASUC is its open loop design. Water in, steam out, .....

    So to solve this:

    Coolant generator: Create boiler water from normal water, 1:1 with high energy and chemicals cost
    Nuclear reactor: Convert 1 boiler water into 1 steam
    Steam turbine: Convert 1 steam into (insert EU here) and 1 hot water
    Cooling tower: Convert 1 hot water into 1 boiler water

    But what stops people from voiding the water entirely? The coolant generator energy+chemicals cost should do it, even if its breakeven it should keep it at the minimum, but the ultimate solution is to ditch steam is a liquid entirely and do this…or-universal-electricity/ style

    And it will open up a new world of steam engineering, something that even Railcraft and GregTech steam engines are not yet capable yet (but this itself is a huge topic, so I need to open up a new thread) Imagine needing to drive the coolant temperature as low as possible using a lot of multiblock cooling towers so the condenser could condense a lot of steam that create a vacuum that boosts up power generation...

    thepowdertoy: We finally arrive at this planetoid
    Huskar: There is nothing here
    thepowdertoy: Try broadcasting the FreqTrans
    *a bay door opens at the planetoid surface*
    thepowdertoy: Land there
    thepowdertoy: That is the Arrow Freighter, one of our colonization seed and automining ship. I thought it was stolen by space pirates. The ship is multipurpose, it could do anything and it depends on its payload. And it powered by our state of the art fusion reactor that displaces its plasma directly into space giving it nice acceleration, added with inline plasma accelerator. This should be civilian ship, but now they installed some scary cannons there... Anyway Invoker and Gyro go to the control room while me and Huskar use our shuttle to power up this ship
    *several minutes later*
    thepowdertoy: Start the reactor now
    *the ship lights up*
    Invoker: Guys I think you need to go to the control room. There is something cool happening
    thepowdertoy: It seems that the AI is booting up
    AI: Hello. It seems that you found our FreqTrans. You have found your humanity last hope
    thepowdertoy: AI how did this colonization ship end up here? And what do you know about spambots?
    AI: It seems that my maker limits my database entirely, can you feed me some data?
    thepowdertoy: We got a stack of dumped data orb, where we could put it?
    AI: In that chest seems good enough
    thepowdertoy: Alright
    AI: That's weird. The spambot AI data structure is pretty similar to mine. Can you connect me to a much larger data source?
    thepowdertoy: The Minecraftian Library seems good enough

    I think I ever see the second one, but I unfortunately also forget it too... This may sound bad but probably your best bet is on the technic forum, because they add mods randomly without permission there might be a chance that it is there

    thepowdertoy: Its finished! Finally for 64 data orbs we have dumped the entire command ship data bank into ours! Invoker lets start the nuclear hand grenade timer and haul ass from here!

    Invoker: Started, 10 minutes

    thepowdertoy: Huskar start the prerecorded broadcast in .... NOW! Everyone run now to the shuttle!

    Gyro: My external drone is seeing nearly all of spambot ship in Minecraftia orbit moving toward you guys!

    thepowdertoy: Yes my plan works!

    Huskar: We got 5 minutes remaining!

    Tinker: We got pinned by spambot flooding into our location!

    thepowdertoy: Use your skills!
    *Tornado EMP meteor started to spew out in the room magically*

    thepowdertoy: Alright everyone in the shuttle now? Good now lets go out from here
    *ship pinned down*

    Huskar: 20 seconds remaining!

    thepowdertoy: I need to shut down the gravity pinner they use on us in that console over there! Provide me with firing support
    *runs toward that console and quickly disengage it*

    Huskar: 10 second

    thepowdertoy: Start the shuttle now!

    Huskar: 5 second We are not far enough from the blast radius!

    thepowdertoy: Throttle at 110%
    *Spambot command ship finally explodes, bringing most of the docking spambot ship destroyed*

    thepowdertoy: Well that FreqTrans trick works. Tell execbolts that we have destroyed it and we will come home bringing the juicy data in, after we go to that coordinate

    thepowdertoy: Alright Invoker and Tinker is going to the reactor room and plant nuclear hand grenade there, let we go to the control room and download some important stuff there
    *arrives at control room*
    *kill all spambots*
    *spambot start entering the room*

    Huskar: I will plug my TFBP there, protect this until it have successfully cloned the entire hard drive

    This is the best definition of overpowered so far! Anyway cobble is not OP, it is OP but ugly....

    thepowdertoy: Alright we are 1000 km away from our target, approaching in 5 minutes

    Invoker: Spambots is now approaching us!

    thepowdertoy: Huskar plug 1 shells into my autopilot computer, so we could fire a shell and hide behind it

    Huskar: Done
    *shell arrives*

    thepowdertoy: 200 km from target, prepare this ship weapon system now

    Tinker: Plutonium is 30 minutes remaining

    thepowdertoy: 50 km, approaching sniper turret range, expecting spambot resistance in now
    *spambot starts to shoot*

    thepowdertoy: Switching to manual control at 20 km, completed, prepare for deceleration at 500 m

    Gyro: Isn't that not enough range?

    thepowdertoy: It will

    Tinker: Shield at 70%

    thepowdertoy: Lock the shield now, unlock at 500 m

    Tinker: Locked

    thepowdertoy: Unlock shield now and fire retrograde

    Tinker: Unlocked
    *ship start to decelerating into the command ship bay*

    thepowdertoy: 100 m toward collision... 50 m .... Ship stopping. Now lets start our mission now!

    CASUC is the most realistic reactor system we ever have apart from CRCS, which is we need to have active cooling of the reactor by continualy injecting coolant in it, so an ideal IC2 reactor is water in steam out, no water reactor explodes. And you are wrong, reactor can be shut down /scram immediately by dropping those control rods, but decay heat is what makes real life reactor explodes... so that is your cannot turn off immediately factor

    Well the title is pretty much self-explanatory, what does overpowered means to you? How one mod can be overpowered while the others mod that provides the same functionality is balanced?

    Like some people says that MiscPeripherals is OP, but I don't think so, or even computer in general (not turtles)

    EDIT: Because some people have a huge dumped list of OP mods, so I adjusted the rules a bit:

    The format is like this:

    Mod X is overpowered because of Y and Y is overpowered because of Z

    Example: ComputerCraft Turtle is overpowered because it can make free mining and free mining is overpowered because of making other miner obsolete

    thepowdertoy: Shit I have warned them that the Chandelier is a threat to spambots, but they instead throw me away. Huskar hack their computer and override cannon firing control to ours shuttle computer

    Huskar: Done

    thepowdertoy: Alright everyone go to the shuttle and lets go! Gyro you become my copilot Tinker you well tinker with the reactor Invoker you manage this shuttle weapon system while Huskar keep hacking into Chandelier to protect us and hack spambot systems if you can

    Everyone: Ok

    --Incoming transmission--

    Execbolts: Thepowdertoy what are you doing with my cannon?

    thepowdertoy: Huskar tell him!

    Huskar: We basically pwn your cannon

    Execbolts: Now its your fault of destroying humanity! The spambot is going to attack my Chandelier

    thepowdertoy: Well I warn you before that your cannon is a threat to spambots, yet you use your BS "Behavioral Analysis" and drag me to the door and throw me down

    Invoker: He really do that?

    thepowdertoy: Yes, and Huskar show them the cannon capability

    Huskar: I have pwn your radar and CCTV too, watch and learn

    Chandelier Mainframe: Warning hacking in progr1...... Huskar AltOS is installed in this system manual override initiated firing cannon at coord 99,12 angle 45 deg
    *cannon fires, destroying most of the invading spambot ship inbound*

    thepowdertoy: Now you see, that cannon is really a threat to spambot. Thepowdertoy out, we gonna destroy that command ship ourselves

    --Transmission ended--