MC 1.5.2, Forge, IC2 - Black Screen

  • I do not have logs because this happened with all versions of IC2 above 1.117.385-lf (tested through build 401). I did a clean install of MC 1.5.2 and FML. IC2 build 385 worked fine but any newer build caused a black screen. The only info in the logs I could find was a reference to OpenAL and OpenGL 4.3 not being available. I was able to reproduce the issue everytime I attempted to load IC2 above build 385. I can get you logs, but if this is an incompatability issue you should be able to reproduce the error.
    I have been an IT professional for over 15 years and I am able to successfuly install and configure 80+ mods on my MC 1.5.2 client and dedicated server and I do extensive testing during my setup process. As this was an easy to produce problem there isn't much more to add from my end.

    I would like to add that listing the MC version with your downloads would be helpful in determining which build of IC2 I should be testing with.

    Thank you