Suggestion : Radioisotope Thermoelectric Generator Fuels

  • as long as source is permanent and can be placed anywhere, it will be usefull, ever 0.125EU\T generator will be usefull, as long as you can spam it as there is no tomorrow (just like everyone does for solars and windmills)

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    A small rework idea :

    RTG "pellet" (100 grams) produces 12,5 EU/t for plutonium and strontium, 3,125 EU/t for americium.
    Each RTG can hold up to 10 pellets.

    Plutonium pellets are expensive to make (requires much radiaoctive fuel , uranium, to extract from {or breed from}), lasts forever
    Americium pellets are moderate to make (centrifuge depleted nuclear fuel cell for 25g of americium and 1000g of strontium)
    Strontium pellets are very cheap to make, however they don't last forever and will run out after some time [2 days]