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    Copper block looks stupid.

    We already have heat exchangers and coolant, option to heat coolant without reactor is only thing we need to store and transfer "heat".

    i dont really care if you like me or not.
    Proof of work (search\original research\something similar) or answer is "RTFM".

    many people forgot how boards actually work and expect other users to serve them, search for them, research for them, read source for them, some spoonfeeding "not trolls" is reason of this.

    i can answer to any question by opening source code of ic2e and checking implementation, but wont do it as long as no proof of work is provided.

    Someone can't understand simple fact:
    repeating same shit again and again in every article does not make it useful or fun, repeating NEVER fun.
    wiki is for information, if you want fun - go and post your hayo on XKCD.

    also pile of shit near your door does not interfere with anything, it smells funny!

    people dont like when someone force them to work.
    they dont like to search, they dont like to read.

    this is "normal" and expected.

    unlike spoonfeeding idiots iam atleast try to teach other users, instead of giving fish, i tell them how to assemble fishpole...

    this for contribution but
    1heat = 1hot coolant is obvious ever without any stopwatchin and already stated in tutorial about new reactor just like all other params...

    condenser "eat" steam, soo it never return as much water as it took steam.

    currently steam generators are joke\stupid\greatly underpowered compared to array of stirlings that need no mainenance and have simple design.

    Calculation of chunk content is nice move but feature extremely bad implementation:

    System should scan multiple chunks of each biome type possible and select "best" costs for everything found.

    Scans must be performed in 16 high sections, this will give trees, sand and clay same chances as everything else, since they spawn only on surface and never underground.

    Also this will increase "rate" of minerals with specific depth by ignoring "rate" of that mineral outside spawn range.

    If redstone rate on level 1-16 is 10% and stone is 90% expected cost will be 10 points.
    If one more layer above where rate is 0-100 taken in account cost will be 20 points.
    each next layer taken in account will double cost, ignoring fact of absence of mineral on that level.

    you have any problems with researching easy stuff self?

    place single rod and large amount of vents, run reactor and you got answer...

    place 1000 colant and watch both tanks, now you have answer....

    physics lol
    please learn second law of thermodynamics and try again

    any fuel is chemical energy storage, no more, no less.
    any energy conversion is lossy, ever superconductors are lossy

    in case of IC2e - conversion from fuel to "wire gnomes" is 50% lossy in both ways, with electric heater you waste 75% of energy.