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    because i doubt you will want to watch a 1-hour video tutorial either

    I would rather watch a 1 hour video than have to read forever.


    The way I handled it was to use an IC2 Detector cable on the power feed
    from the reactor. For me, I just had a red rp2 lamp to show that the
    reactor was active. When the cycle ended, the light would go out. You
    could of course use a NOT gate or inverter such that when there is no
    power coming from the reactor, then the light goes on.

    I'm lost as to how you join the 2 together. The Detector cable and the lamp because one is IC2 and one rp2. Then there's the Detector cable and the NOT gate.

    How can you turn something on and off from a redstone pulse, or any kind of pulse, and make it stay on until another pulse is sent to it. Like if you could flip a lever on and off without having to right click it, making it automated. Anything like this?


    your best bet is probably to read the guide again, then experiment with the planner

    This is what I have been doing and even printed the guide out. Don't understand some of the terms used. I think it needs to be updated too. I have to break here and there, the more I read the more confused I get. Where's the guide to the planner?

    Playing with the planner the "Overclocked Heat Vent" is the best thing to put next to the cell? Then if that is the case it's impossible to keep cool 3 sets of quads, each set with 2.

    What is a kk EU? What is tuble? If 1 cell produces 2kk EU and 2 cells produce 4kk EU then does a quad cell produce 8kk EU or 16kk EU? Thinking 3 would double the 4kk EU of the 2 cells equaling 8 then doubling again with the forth making 16kk Eu. "For each adjacent uranium cell, the original cell will pulse another time". Won't the adjacent cell pulse once plus once more for the original cell being there. So is "1+# of adjacent cells" wrong being 1+2x# of adjacent cells?

    4 (fully surrounded): 1 heat @ each element. Element being whatever is placed next ,being 1 of 4, to the cell, which will equal 4 heat? What are heat derivatos?

    So are you saying the vents are useless? Here's the planner but I don't understand it much. I've been learning by standing in front of the reactor and the explosions are a pain but pretty cool. I figured the vents would draw heat from the LZH.


    I guess the question is what do you use to keep them the longest? The wiki can't be all that up to date. "Placing your reactor at the centre of a 3x3 cube of water is considered the very minimum in cooling requirements."

    Trying hard to learn this. Maybe someone can help me. Where is the latest info, is the wiki up to date? Do you still put it in water? What is wrong with my plan? I keep having to install new LZH. This is the best I can figure out how it should be, for now anyways. thanks!

    Ok so I was way off on this one, but still learning.

    It's not blowing the MFSU now but it is blowing the cable. I took out 4 of the cells and it doesn't blow but the MFSU doesn't charge.

    Ok this seems real stupid to me but the redstone was stopping it from working. Only the left side wouldn't work and that's the side the redstone went out on. If you look close you can see the redstone going by the cable to the MFSu. It's the wire from RP2, if that matter at all.

    Lol live and learn. It just blew the hell out of everything.

    How can I tell that? I think I have to have it going to something to use the EU-reader. It hooks up to the full one but not the new empty one. There's 0 reading to the one it hooks up to.

    From the planner: Output EU: 128,000,000 Active EU/t 640 EU/t

    Can the input to the MFSU be only 512?

    Everything was working fine. I had it off for several days now. I saw the EU-Detector cable and wondering what it was I hooked it up coming out of the reactor. I turned the reactor on and one MFSU blew. Took it off add tried several times to charge the mfsu to no avail. Disconnected the cable to the MFSU and tried again, no luck. It just keeps blowing. Doing something wrong?

    Updated minecraft to 1.4.6 - updated all mods - removed some, added some