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    For some reason that I am unaware of my combustion engines keep blowing up and I have no idea how to solve it. A lot of them don't restart after I turn them off. Most have plenty of water. Some I think lose water real fast and then blow up. I use the gold pipes on all of them. Some I hook up to a water supply and some I just fill with water cans. Maybe the gauges are not telling it like it is. Are they supposed to only run for a certain amount of time? Is there a way to find out what the problem is?

    Found this and wondering about it. Need more info?

    2012-12-11 13:27:58 [WARNING] [IC2] EnergyNet.emitEnergyFrom: ic2.common.TileEntityElectricBatBox@5834b7ab is not added to the enet

    Deleting the config doesn't seem to work. Other conflicts arise. Then there is this.

    IC2 detected an ID conflict between your IC2.cfg and the map you are
    trying to load.

    Map: The Journey to Altec

    Config section: block
    Config entry: blockCable
    Config value: 4078
    Map value: 228

    Adjust your config to match the IDs used by the map or convert your
    map to use the IDs specified in the config.

    See also: config/IC2.cfg The Journey to Altec/ic2_map.cfg
    2012-12-11 12:52:59 [INFO] [STDERR] java.lang.NullPointerException
    2012-12-11 12:52:59 [INFO] [STDERR] at org.lwjgl.opengl.GL11.glEnable(
    2012-12-11 12:52:59 [INFO] [STDERR] at ic2.common.PlatformClient.displayError(
    2012-12-11 12:52:59 [INFO] [STDERR] at ic2.common.IC2.tickStart(
    2012-12-11 12:52:59 [INFO] [STDERR] at cpw.mods.fml.common.SingleIntervalHandler.tickStart(
    2012-12-11 12:52:59 [INFO] [STDERR] at cpw.mods.fml.common.FMLCommonHandler.tickStart(
    2012-12-11 12:52:59 [INFO] [STDERR] at cpw.mods.fml.common.FMLCommonHandler.onWorldLoadTick(
    2012-12-11 12:52:59 [INFO] [STDERR] at
    2012-12-11 12:52:59 [INFO] [STDERR] at
    2012-12-11 12:52:59 [INFO] [ForgeModLoader] Unloading dimension 0
    2012-12-11 12:52:59 [INFO] [ForgeModLoader] Unloading dimension -1
    2012-12-11 12:52:59 [INFO] [ForgeModLoader] Unloading dimension 1
    Minecraft exited with code -805306369.
    Minecraft has crashed!


    once you have working config files on one computer, copy them to the other one

    Since no one knew I did this to make it right. Someday someone will know.

    So IC2 is not up to par or something. I did what UUM Liquefier mentioned and got my config files and copied them over to his. Damn IC2 just work once in awhile will you. No matter what I did before, IC2 kept taking the wrong slots over and over.

    I'm trying to paste a log but it's way to big. I will try another way.

    The problem I'm having is that when I am playing on Lan with my grandson he gets kicked
    off with a java.lang.nullpointerException error whenever I place a
    miner or pump.

    I use MultiMC for loading mods. I have them in the same order and all are exactly the same. It does this on every new world I make for either one. I thought the moder chose which slot they would be. I just find it strange with all things being equal on our part that the slots end of being different. It's giving him alot of conflicts with BuildCraft.

    His computer:

    Block. Name: tile.engine. ID: 4043
    Block. Name: tile.harvester. ID: 4044
    Block. Name: tile.planter. ID: 4045
    Block. Name: tile.firsapling. ID: 4046
    Block. Name: tile.oreCopper. ID: 4047
    Block. Name: tile.stained. ID: 4048
    Block. Name: tile.mill. ID: 4049
    Block. Name: tile.machine. ID: 4050
    Block. Name: tile.apatite. ID: 4051
    Block. Name: tile.soil. ID: 4052
    Block. Name: tile.oilMoving. ID: 4053
    Block. Name: tile.oilStill. ID: 4054
    Block. Name: ID: 4055
    Block. Name: tile.libraryBlock. ID: 4056
    Block. Name: tile.architectBlock. ID: 4057
    Block. Name: tile.builderBlock. ID: 4058
    Block. Name: tile.fillerBlock. ID: 4059
    Block. Name: tile.pathMarkerBlock. ID: 4060
    Block. Name: tile.markerBlock. ID: 4061
    Block. Name: ic2.common.BlockBarrel. ID: 4062
    Block. Name: tile.blockCrop. ID: 4063
    Block. Name: tile.blockDynamiteRemote. ID: 4064
    Block. Name: tile.blockDynamite. ID: 4065
    Block. Name: tile.blockNuke. ID: 4066
    Block. Name: tile.blockITNT. ID: 4067
    Block. Name: ic2.common.BlockPersonal. ID: 4068
    Block. Name: tile.blockMiningTip. ID: 4069
    Block. Name: tile.blockMiningPipe. ID: 4070
    Block. Name: tile.blockLuminator. ID: 4071
    Block. Name: tile.blockLuminatorD. ID: 4072
    Block. Name: ic2.common.BlockMachine2. ID: 4073
    Block. Name: ic2.common.BlockMachine. ID: 4074
    Block. Name: ic2.common.BlockElectric. ID: 4075
    Block. Name: tile.blockReactorChamber. ID: 4076
    Block. Name: ic2.common.BlockGenerator. ID: 4077
    Block. Name: ic2.common.BlockCable. ID: 4078
    Block. Name: ic2.common.BlockMetal. ID: 4079
    Block. Name: tile.blockIronScaffold. ID: 4080
    Block. Name: tile.blockScaffold. ID: 4081
    Block. Name: tile.blockWall. ID: 4082
    Block. Name: tile.blockFoam. ID: 4083
    Block. Name: tile.blockDoorAlloy. ID: 4084
    Block. Name: tile.blockAlloyGlass. ID: 4085
    Block. Name: tile.blockAlloy. ID: 4086
    Block. Name: tile.blockFenceIron. ID: 4087
    Block. Name: tile.blockRubber. ID: 4088
    Block. Name: tile.blockHarz. ID: 4089
    Block. Name: tile.blockRubSapling. ID: 4090
    Block. Name: tile.leaves. ID: 4091
    Block. Name: tile.blockRubWood. ID: 4092
    Block. Name: tile.blockOreUran. ID: 4093
    Block. Name: tile.blockOreTin. ID: 4094
    Block. Name: tile.blockOreCopper. ID: 4095

    My computer: I did change the 4094 on mine.

    Block. Unused ID: 4033
    Block. Unused ID: 4034
    Block. Unused ID: 4035
    Block. Unused ID: 4036
    Block. Unused ID: 4037
    Block. Unused ID: 4038
    Block. Unused ID: 4039
    Block. Unused ID: 4040
    Block. Unused ID: 4041
    Block. Unused ID: 4042
    Block. Unused ID: 4043
    Block. Unused ID: 4044
    Block. Unused ID: 4045
    Block. Unused ID: 4046
    Block. Unused ID: 4047
    Block. Unused ID: 4048
    Block. Unused ID: 4049
    Block. Unused ID: 4050
    Block. Unused ID: 4051
    Block. Unused ID: 4052
    Block. Unused ID: 4053
    Block. Unused ID: 4054
    Block. Unused ID: 4055
    Block. Unused ID: 4068
    Block. Unused ID: 4075
    Block. Unused ID: 4076
    Block. Unused ID: 4077
    Block. Unused ID: 4078
    Block. Unused ID: 4079
    Block. Unused ID: 4080
    Block. Unused ID: 4081
    Block. Unused ID: 4082
    Block. Unused ID: 4083
    Block. Unused ID: 4084
    Block. Unused ID: 4085
    Block. Unused ID: 4086
    Block. Unused ID: 4087
    Block. Unused ID: 4088
    Block. Unused ID: 4089
    Block. Unused ID: 4090
    Block. Unused ID: 4091
    Block. Unused ID: 4092
    Block. Unused ID: 4093
    Block. Name: tile.CompactSolar. ID: 4094
    Block. Name: tile.stained. ID: 4095