Crash for him

  • The problem I'm having is that when I am playing on Lan with my grandson he gets kicked
    off with a java.lang.nullpointerException error whenever I place a
    miner or pump.

  • You have anymore info on that? Maybe an error log?

    Alblaka says:

    "People using their intellect in attempts to discuss other people into the ground could be considered less intellectual then people using their intellect for something beneficial :3"

  • I'm trying to paste a log but it's way to big. I will try another way.

  • i'm having this problem to for me it is any industrial craft block and when my friend hosted and i tried to spawn stuff in using TMI it said no item id

  • So IC2 is not up to par or something. I did what UUM Liquefier mentioned and got my config files and copied them over to his. Damn IC2 just work once in awhile will you. No matter what I did before, IC2 kept taking the wrong slots over and over.