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    Hey There,
    Our Unlimited Server was just updated and is accepting players for the new, fresh 1.6.4 Version now.

    Connection Info, how-to and Website:

    This server is using technicpack, if you have problems installing it, check our website. For experienced people, here goes just the link:…endipity-unlimited.178697

    Biggest Features:

    - Towny Protect System and Market economy
    - /home and /spawn
    - experienced and mature staff
    - custom quest hub with npcs
    - thorough configuration to ensure safe play and safety from griefing
    - large player base

    Some Suggestions that would be cool :

    As for an addition to Lefty's reply :

    1. We don't want to force people into IC2 since we use Gregtech on hard difficulty. If someone is willing to take the extra step and go for Basic Components they are free to do so. We have Platinum Ore disabled tho.
    2. Tinkers construct will soon offer any advantages in a more plannable and more feasible manner then enchanting could. Plus we sell Charms of Keeping for Diamonds at spawn so if you really lay emphasis to it, you can keep your tools all the time. They are even repairable without level cost.

    No, I won't add anything recipe-related to the config file.
    However, I have something in mind to change the output in the config option.

    Could you then add a second set of recipes that are much more expensive? Your current recipes are a serious joke. 4 Windmills + 1 Transformer Upgrade is nothing. Needs at least Iridium Plates for every further tier to tie it, the rotors need to break faster and a wooden rotor is a joke, too. Maybe you could add a set of Gregtech enhanced recipes, a little something like this :

    Lv Windmill :

    S W S
    W E W
    S W S

    S = Steel Plate
    W = Windmill
    E = Energyflow Circuit

    MV Windmill

    T T T
    W I W
    T T T

    T = Titanium Plate
    W = LV Windmill
    I = Iridium Ingot

    HV Windmill :

    TS TS TS
    H W H
    TS TS TS

    TS = Tungstensteel Plate
    H = Highly Advanced Machineblock
    W = MV Windmill

    EV Windmill :

    SC S I
    C W C
    I S SC

    I = Iridium Plate
    S = Superconductor
    C = Gregtech Computercube
    W = HV Windmill
    SC = Supercondensator

    That would be nice and would allow people that like challenge to also use it :)

    Also, if the mod author doesnt want to do it, Greg, could you please do something like this?




    That is actually a really good idea, may be a little too advanced for me though. I am not new to java, but am very new to minecraft modding. I know how to make the ores Dimension specific (for example only generate in nether) but wouldn't know where to start making items spawn at specific locations especially as the locations are not normally defined until someone visits the dimension upon which it is generated. does that make sense? BUT on the other hand if i set up that system and made the chaos emeralds NEI only then that could make a pretty awesome adventure map!!!!

    haha well you never know, i did say i would be adding more gems XD

    Well there is code that generates the Strongholds, so that does become a possibilty. You can just hook into this code and then make it spawn an additional block everytime or smth.

    @People thinking IC2 recipes are too easy and "OP"
    You guys have played the mod a while, after playing anything for this long, what doesn't become easy and a sort of routine? Remember when you first picked up IC2, had no idea what you were doing, and just sort of progressed up the tech tree? Back during your first experience I can say with 99% certainty that nobody thought "wow this is OP" when they first reached UU-matter, or thought "that was way too easy" when they first crafted a diamond drill.

    When I started playing this, I read some stuff in the wiki and watched a simple basic LP. Two days later I had a Quantum armor and UU-Matter en Massè. I was like "wouldnt something as powerful as this be harder to obtain?"

    @whole discussion.

    1. Gregtech adds all those things because they are cool, and unless you guys he actually takes the time and adds them and makes them configurable.
    2. All the stuff you complained about can be disabled in the config
    3. The allocators and stuff are just way smoother and better suited for special tasks then bc or rp.

    4. Industrialcraft as is is stupidly OP. After a while you can spam UU-Matter like hell and the lack of high-tier-tech is disturbing. This addon is almost more important for our server then IC2 itself. Without it Ic2 would have to leave immedeatly, too.

    To Greg :

    Ich finde es super, dass du ein bisschen Balance in Ic2 bringst, und die neuen Ideen sind toll. Dein addon ist der einzige grund dass wir Ic2 nicht längst für Thermal expansion gedumpt haben auf unserem Server.

    mfg wolfenstein19



    I would like you to tell me how, I would like to test it with vanilla IC2. I was never able to do it.

    Mine straight for 3 hours. Geothermals in the Neter, profit.

    Also, if you have buildcraft or redpower :
    Mine straight for 2 hours, Tons of auto-manned watermills

    If you have advanced solars :
    Mine for 3 hours, aquire HV solar panel, use UU-M to make more panels

    If you have Forestry/Buildcraft :
    Mine for 2 Hours, Giant automatic charcoal farm with Generators


    Discovered a Bug with your Industrial Electrolyzer.
    When changing dimension back and forth, it appears as advanced machine block, still works, but not at all displays its inventory (you can still take and put from the inventory).
    Mining it and re-placing makes it work again.

    Edit :
    Another bug, neither Ruby Dust, Sapphire Dust, Enderpearl Dust or Endereye Dust works as amplifier for the matterfab

    Just roaming in here saying I got three barrels full of tin ore (6x64x64) from my quarry running for one week on a server (alongside with alot of other goodies). And that was only one!
    UU Matter is worth the investition, since when one has got the reactor, he can easily aquire the rest of the endgame items. It really breaks down to have or have not the Iridium Ore at the end.
    Who the hell is going to use UU-Matter for Tin when said tin just sits everywhere in the entire underground of your world.