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    Hey There,
    Our Unlimited Server was just updated and is accepting players for the new, fresh 1.6.4 Version now.

    Connection Info, how-to and Website:

    This server is using technicpack, if you have problems installing it, check our website. For experienced people, here goes just the link:…endipity-unlimited.178697

    Biggest Features:

    - Towny Protect System and Market economy
    - /home and /spawn
    - experienced and mature staff
    - custom quest hub with npcs
    - thorough configuration to ensure safe play and safety from griefing
    - large player base

    Greg, I have nothing against your mod. But when you run Gregtech for the first time on a new modpack environment, you get this and only this message. There is no sign of the conflicting ID anywhere except in the wall of rage that is spit at you. Now I have nothing against manually reassigning IDs but couldn't you at least include the id thats causing it in the erorr rage text?

    For me the "something to do myself" is setting the whole thing up to work well. It's not as if I'm idling for days while waiting for a solar panel powered quarry cleans out 16 chunks. I play SSP ONLY, I never idle and always have more stuff to do than I possibly can accomplish even if I (eventually) get some form of automining up and running.

    Talking SMP right now. On SSP, stuff only operates when you are ingame - and therefore cannot completly idle-work

    It's called progression.

    Progression is the very purpose of the minecraft tech mods - but it has a limit to it.

    No matter how much you gather and automate, you still need to do something for yourself. For me, that thing is getting the raw ressources or atleast monitoring your device you use to get them.

    As if it wasn't already OP enough --'

    Personally, I dislike any kind of automated mining. It just has that exponential thing going on. You gather more ressources to be able to gather more ressources quicker. Just seems a bit op to me. And there is no inherent limit to it. If something is capable of operating without any human upkeep, you can build as much of these as you want. Therefore automining in this fashing is op to me.

    Turtles are operated as players. Hence why turtle kills count toward stuff like player kills do.
    Also from what I recall it it says that the tools will last 3x as long.

    Talking about Tconstruct you can also make electrical tools and have them be swapped and autoreloaded.

    There seems to be an issue with automatic Machinery from you, Greg.

    Say I input 64 Resin into the Extractor, It just processes 2x3 into both outputs and then stops working until I take them out and click the Lightning shaped symbol in the GUI. This is extremly annoying.

    Hey Greg,

    could you either add a config option to disable the machinery (macerator, extractor, compressor, furnace) defaulting to your automatic counterparts


    fix the fact that every now and then they just stop processing if you throw an entire stack or so in.

    Some Suggestions that would be cool :

    As for an addition to Lefty's reply :

    1. We don't want to force people into IC2 since we use Gregtech on hard difficulty. If someone is willing to take the extra step and go for Basic Components they are free to do so. We have Platinum Ore disabled tho.
    2. Tinkers construct will soon offer any advantages in a more plannable and more feasible manner then enchanting could. Plus we sell Charms of Keeping for Diamonds at spawn so if you really lay emphasis to it, you can keep your tools all the time. They are even repairable without level cost.

    GregTech already makes them harder the same way it did to compact solars. By nerfing the base item of both mods.
    Also compact windmills is silly atm as they do NOT follow the IC² windenergy generation code.
    170 EU/t near bedrock with EV windmill, with 9000+ obstructions around. Seems legit. Wind Strength ? it doesn't know what is that.

    yeah I guess we will not be using that mod then for a while. What I meant was that even with the harder gregtech windmill recipes, (which are not too hard) it would be way 2 cheap for me.

    No, I won't add anything recipe-related to the config file.
    However, I have something in mind to change the output in the config option.

    Could you then add a second set of recipes that are much more expensive? Your current recipes are a serious joke. 4 Windmills + 1 Transformer Upgrade is nothing. Needs at least Iridium Plates for every further tier to tie it, the rotors need to break faster and a wooden rotor is a joke, too. Maybe you could add a set of Gregtech enhanced recipes, a little something like this :

    Lv Windmill :

    S W S
    W E W
    S W S

    S = Steel Plate
    W = Windmill
    E = Energyflow Circuit

    MV Windmill

    T T T
    W I W
    T T T

    T = Titanium Plate
    W = LV Windmill
    I = Iridium Ingot

    HV Windmill :

    TS TS TS
    H W H
    TS TS TS

    TS = Tungstensteel Plate
    H = Highly Advanced Machineblock
    W = MV Windmill

    EV Windmill :

    SC S I
    C W C
    I S SC

    I = Iridium Plate
    S = Superconductor
    C = Gregtech Computercube
    W = HV Windmill
    SC = Supercondensator

    That would be nice and would allow people that like challenge to also use it :)

    Also, if the mod author doesnt want to do it, Greg, could you please do something like this?