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    This along with some buildcraft pipes gives more sugarcane than you can pump into a compacting recycler. I use some of it on the side for biogas.
    I have found that you need a surprisingly small amount of biochaff to run a nice setup.

    If it is full it will output 64 heat. So that is 32EU with a Stirling Generator. I don't like putting anything that is not a multiple of 100 into steam so I'm not going to bother with that.

    I just finished filling up all six slots of my RTG so maybe I will use the empty nuclear reactor that I set aside for who knows what to try some MOX stuff out.

    Everyone seems to be coming to the forum and suggesting ways to make IC2 more over powered. I like IC2 the way it is and I like the direction it is going.

    IC2 appreciation thread.

    I like IC2, it hasn't stopped being fun, which I think is where our core differences lay.

    IC2 has a linear progression, you must do things to achieve other things. It has always been like this. Thermal Expansion, Extra Utilities, MFR etc. have no progression, you can go from A -> Z without doing most of the other letters, including not starting out with A to get to the end goal. There's nothing about the devs forcing people to do anything, merely stick to the tech tree, which most modern mods just don't have. IC2 doesn't fit with a random, isn't necessary, jump stages feature (partly the reason crops never worked out), and what you're suggesting fits directly into this. IC2 is not TE or MFR, you have to make certain things to progress, and that's that. Nothing modular that lets you skip bits, nothing there just to undercut some other mod's feature, just a somewhat flexible tech tree that you must follow in order to get to the "end".

    Amen to that.

    I'm not a big fan of having 99 mods and being able to go from a>z in an hour.

    I love IC (and now IC2 (and now IC2 exp)) for what is is, for better or for worse, in sickness and in health.

    Put one condenser at the end of the two kinetic steam generators(KSG).

    Right now the condenser that is beside the KSG is condensing the steam before it can get tot he second KSG.

    After using this mod for a few week I find it strange that the diamond drill is not the most durable. I suggest that you make the diamond drill the most durable but the carbon one still faster.

    Also the expansion cards are backwards. The silk touch gives the fortune upgrade to the machine and the fortune card gives silk touch to the machine.

    Otherwise, I like it more then the Buildcraft quarry. It feels more Industrialcraft.

    I think the best way to get exact multiples without fluctuation is to use just double and single cells without any heat exchangers and only heat vents.


    Something along these lines.


    I feel like you should change the data region around. It is difficult to read headings and values when it is all stored in a text box.
    It would be better if that part was a little bit more like the old one with headings that have their own spot in the GUI.
    You should also add stats like max temp, melting temp, etc.

    If you are feeling really ambitious, add a liquid coolant feature for the 5x5 reactor design. Though this probably isn't necessary because who doesn't keep the reactor's coolant full all the time.

    Also, thanks so much for this! I was almost thinking of doing this but I have little experience in Java so that stopped me.

    I', getting a similar error but mine plays for about a second then says shutting down internal server.

    It only happens when I try to play my main world. My test world is fine.

    The latest stable version I have found is 642, upgrading to any other just give the same sort of error.

    Unfortunately I don't really know how to interpret the crash report.

    A biogas setup will not create positive energy if you convert it to EU then use that EU to power an electric heat generator. Get the biogas to also pump into an adjacent liquid heat generator to heat the fermenter.