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    Okay, I'll add that as a config option. Or maybe even make it switchable in-game with key bindings?

    That would be awesome. I personally am fine either way, I can see benefits for both (those server owners might want to have a way to turn off completely and the players might have a wish to turn it on or off based on what they are currently doing).

    Also: It seems at least for me, the nano drill currently has no texture at all.


    Is there a way to turn off the 'force field' feature that kills dozens of mobs around you, which seems to implemented in all of the rings and the chestplates? If not, could one maybe added?

    I personally like the mod, but the forcefield is not my style of play and I'd be very happy to have a chance turning it off and still use the rings for the rest of what they provide.


    I am actually more a lurker on this forum then actually commenting, but I'd be willing to help to
    get the documentation for GregTech up and running where I can. I might not find too much time to
    dedicate to this, but I'll try.


    I usually tend to use generators for quite a while once I start a new world, at least
    till I can afford a pump and two to three thermal generators and some windmills. I don't
    really like being depend on one energy source for longer then neccesary, hence building

    Once I gathered enough resources, I build usually an electrolyzer, a few centrifuges and
    a few diesel generators and gas turbines and supply both with whatever excess I have.

    Once I get around having a magic energy converter, I try to rid myself on all the mercury
    having gathered up in the mean time, making a nice energy boost.

    One chamber reactors are also a favorite as soon as I can afford them, 100 eu/tick extra
    for a few uranium do not hurt.

    Then I usually go about switching my centrifuges to run off steam instead of main power and
    try go get a decent wind power park up as well. If I have the resources that around the time
    I try to get some biofuel going for the diesels as well.

    once that's all set I focus on some lightning rods and maybe a dragon egg syphon (if affordable)
    to power things.

    Greg, in the usual IC mining drill made from refined Iron, but when I turn your mod, in NEI changes the recipe and mining drill made of steel ingot! I tried to do it from iron ingot, but nothing changes! The same problem with chainsaw and others!

    p.s. Sory for google translator :D

    I do not recall where exactly on this thread I read this, but I think it is a feature that it uses steel now. I first thought it'd be on the Changelog, but seems I am mistaken.

    hi maby you add easy mode , easy and cheap crafting items with this mod for my private server :D

    Honestly I do like that the mods surrounding IC2 do actually take care of making items appropriately expensive. The quantum suit and all surrounding it is a very end-gamish piece of armour suite and I really do think it is very fine that the gravisuite is even more expensive. It is a very powerful item and you'll need a lot of energy to support it anyway (as it should be), so I highly suggest keeping it that way. And there's always been an 'easy' mode: just give yourself the items, though I personally believe that it's some kind of achievement to have hard earned your quantum suit, gravi-chest-piece and being able to support it from your power input.


    while I really do like the Idea to turn charcoal into Coal, it'll be very
    overpowered as soon as you have set up any way of obtaining the rest needed
    to gain diamonds from coal dust. I would highly suggest to follow in the
    steps of the original author and macerate charcoal into _charcoal_ dust,
    which could be used in selected recipes instead of coal dust but not to
    make diamonds.


    I've been wondering, what are people doing with the excess EU boiling out of their generators/etc, that ends up not to be burned into their daily routine or UU matter generation ? Are there mods who do consume a lot of EU to achieve (insert goal here) ? Generally I'm mostly curious, as I found myself stacking up no EU and lacking a goal to burn them with.

    Thanks in Advance