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    I've been growing and crossbreeding hops for a while now and all of a sudden, I'm having trouble with weeds showing up. I've been keeping my Crop-Matrons all filled with supplies and I even tried putting my harvested seed bags in another area to try growing them but it's the same thing. I have no problems with any of the other plants I'm growing, just the hops.

    Hey folks, I've been playing around with IC2 the last few days but I'm still fairly new to it. The first thing I wanted to see is if there's some alternative to using redstone. I'd like to avoid laying down trails of redstone when possible, like when I have my nuclear reactors to turn on and off.

    The other thing involves the Nether. I know that the Teleporters in IC2 don't enable travel between the Overworld and the Nether, but I was wondering if there might be some addon that allowed that kind of thing.

    Any help is greatly appreciated!