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    can someone explain me how do i install this client side?

    i install on clean client. than drop this mod into mods folder but i get black screen

    i deleted meta inf. do i need other version of forge mod loader?

    You need the 6.0.1 version of forge for minecraft 1.4.2 (and for the beta of ic2, which came pretty quickly ;) ). Link!

    Ok, after a quick review of the new build, I found:
    - Now cables are OK.
    - Wrong hitboxes on iron fences.
    - The luminator block and the graphic shown in the item doesn't correspond.
    - Unnamed black block (?)
    - Still no sounds for ITNT and NUKES
    - Unnamed thing in the NEI like a door but when you put in the ground it's like a flower pot.
    - Also, some items like iron fences and the luminator doesn't appear on the minecraft's cretive menu, you must use NEI.

    I hope I helped a lot :D

    Is there a way to automatically downlaod the last build of ic2? Directly in your mods folder? That would be nice, so everyone could test the same version and resolve some confusions...
    Also, testing the new build :D

    So... this will be useless? Hm... I thought it would be nice... D:

    EDIT: and if you put some particles when you breack a cable whit current? Like sparks? It would be useless, but really nice. Also, a chance of getting damage... LOL?

    Check the other posts... ;)

    Hm... interesting... the luminator also appears like that block... Maybe the same texture problem as the cables? It's funny to help to resolve bugs... Well, not funny but... yeah!

    Luminator is popping up twice in the NEI.
    both showing 2 separate block IDs. - 219 and 226

    Also Iron Fence on Block 232 is showing up as a white block and not as a fence.

    Ill post more when I find more problems.

    I think it's because one is the off state and the other one is for the on state... But I don't know... xD Also, I think there's something weird with the sounds, I mean, I know after the 1.3.2 the machines didn't make any sound, witch, to be honest, I didn't like that, but now I can't hear explosions from ITNT, NUKES..., for example... Am I correct?

    Hello, It will be cool if you put some particle effects on the glass fibre cable, like in buildcraft but more cooler 8) .
    Also, make different particles when it's a low voltage, when its medium voltatge and when there's a huge ammount of voltatge :)

    Thanks, TheArni.

    Hey, it seems that if you drink 5 cups of coffe (the normal one) when you dig, it wouldn't show the animation! Is this a bug? Thanks. Also, you're doing a great job on pushing ic2 on 1.4.2 :D

    PD: I'm spanish so I don't speak the english very well... :/