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    Is there something planned for the Pollution-System, like an industrial air filtration system, which works against the pollution of the chunk?
    Chimneys with have to be a specific size in height to lower pollution?
    NBC-Hazmat suit to withstand acid rain or gasmask/respirator against the polluted air?

    Something like:
    1 Multiblock Air Filtration cleans one/nine chunks of pollution.
    Efficiency/speed depends on applied filters (different tiers) and supplied energy.


    i've noticed a weird behavior of my crops.
    I crossbreed them and their attributes are getting better.
    But after a while I went back to my cropfarm and checked them, all crops loose their properties. Many are by 0 0 0.
    Work from days is now destroyed. That sucks.

    Should this be intended?


    first I have to say how awesome the IC2 mod is. Can't live without and I don't want to.

    I love it to make autonomic fabrics, so it would be great if the Crop-Matron can recognize, when a Crop is ready to harvest and only harvest this one into a nearby chest or pipe from BC. It'll be great if I can switch on an "autoharvest" function in the Crop-Matron GUI.
    Maybe you can decrease the cost of energy by analyzing seeds. Even with a Lappack only about 100 analyzing acts are possible.

    Another thing i want to mention is a bug in the current version v1.106.
    If I doublepress the forward key (W) to run faster, by standing on a field where a crop is growing. The complete crop gets destroyed and the farmland becomes normal dirt.
    Further, in singleplayer mode, crops grow very slow until not. But they grow faster if I do something like clicking with my mouse or jump. Have this something to do with chunkupdates?

    The electric jetpack doesn't work in SMP. Only one player can use it, not the others.
    Mass Fabricator can't pull enough power. In a previous version a MF can pull immediatly nearly all power from a MFSU.
    Boxes who contain power like the batsmanbox or the MFSU can't emit a redstone signal if full.

    I hope you can fix that in the future or consider my suggestions.

    Greatings and keep up the good work.