Crop-Matron autoharvest + Crop-Bug + elec. Jetpack + MassFabricator

  • Hi,

    first I have to say how awesome the IC2 mod is. Can't live without and I don't want to.

    I love it to make autonomic fabrics, so it would be great if the Crop-Matron can recognize, when a Crop is ready to harvest and only harvest this one into a nearby chest or pipe from BC. It'll be great if I can switch on an "autoharvest" function in the Crop-Matron GUI.
    Maybe you can decrease the cost of energy by analyzing seeds. Even with a Lappack only about 100 analyzing acts are possible.

    Another thing i want to mention is a bug in the current version v1.106.
    If I doublepress the forward key (W) to run faster, by standing on a field where a crop is growing. The complete crop gets destroyed and the farmland becomes normal dirt.
    Further, in singleplayer mode, crops grow very slow until not. But they grow faster if I do something like clicking with my mouse or jump. Have this something to do with chunkupdates?

    The electric jetpack doesn't work in SMP. Only one player can use it, not the others.
    Mass Fabricator can't pull enough power. In a previous version a MF can pull immediatly nearly all power from a MFSU.
    Boxes who contain power like the batsmanbox or the MFSU can't emit a redstone signal if full.

    I hope you can fix that in the future or consider my suggestions.

    Greatings and keep up the good work.

  • Oh, sorry for that.

    At one point I didn't meant trampling.
    It's, if you stand still on a growing crop and then get in this speedmode.

    Is the IC2 project a closed project or community driven?
    I can help if its appreciated.

  • Automation of both crops and "beer" its denied because al only consider those as side task you do when you have nothing better to do.

    Trampling have been even in vainilla crop, the only way to walk over those is by crouching/sneaking.

    I think crops have a grow score to make them faster or slower. Also nutrition of crops and some other factors may apply.

    About bugs, there is a beta 1.107? in the support section so 1.106 bugs may have been fixed already or not.

    And its closed source so far, may or may not change in the future.

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    1 : Surely denied, but not impossible. Forestry has a plugin to autoharvest IC² crops, thaumcraft seals DO affect IC² crops (insta-growth/harvest ... OP).
    2 : Trampling is supposed to be removed, however due a bug, even if you fall 1/16 block height [farmland is 15/16 block] it still counts as "jump" on the cropblock and it gets destroyed.
    3 : it has a score, which is % to grow on next random update. % of advancing a stage increases over time, nutrition/air/hydration/biome/stats probably affects this.
    4 : there is a beta 1.108 for MC 1.4.2 already, go to support section FenixR =D.
    6-1 : Probably not changing, as alblaka really likes IC² and is proud of it.

  • Thank you for your answer.

    I have a question about terraforming though.

    Is it possible to make >real< terraforming?
    What i mean is, don't replace blocks, but rather show in the debug screen that the biome changed from e.g. plain to swampland.


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    Biome changing terraforming is planned, but only mushroom TFBP (Terraformer Blueprint) does it. But it is kinda buggy.
    All other TFBPs only change blocks for now. Terraformer needs a complete rework in my opinion. It is too useless atm, i've suggested something about it... here