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    Ok so, here is my first GregTech reactor.
    Just tell me if it is OK.

    Thorium - Plutonium reactor:

    • Link: Mark I EA
    • Chambers: 2
    • Eu/tick: 228
    • Efficiency: 4
    • Cost: Iron 193, Copper 338, Tin 65, Gold 12

    Advantages: Good EU/t, quite easy to build
    Disadvantages: Lower efficency, running cost for quad thorium cells, you have to replace plutonium cells during the cycle.

    I played IC almost from the begining, so I know how they worked. The first thing is that they were eating loads of energy, so you couldn't have them up for a long time, the second thing is that they were undestroyable and nobody could get in and the third thing is that you could bypass them with pistons. You just made several pistons and you made them to push you into the force field and suddenly you were on the other side.

    I like the force field idea. This is a great mod btw...
    but I have some problems with that. Everyone will have a forcefield that will protect his base. If somebody would like to get in, it will be almost impossible. He will have to bring some epic gun that will break the force field and then he will just destroy the base with punching everything. There will be just 2 pvp elements the force field and the gun that can penetrate it or to overload it to drain all the energy....

    It will be important to nerf the nuke ass well. I wouldn't nerf the effect but I would make it EXTREMLY hard to get, people won't just nuke everything they see.

    I don't think that the slower mining will slow the game. It would be OK to leave the ores mining time as it is, so it won't take forever to mine some iron or coal. Then you could make a new scanner for use in miner that will mine stone as well, so you can use it for gathering your building materials. Also for rebuilding the base, you could use some force field that will reduce the mining times of the blocks to normal in its range, so you can delete your own walls easily.

    When I think about it you could make it the other way and make a force field that will increase the mining the mining times when activated. That will lower the difficulty of building strongholds and the gameplay won't be so hardcore :D But whatever if it is balanced i won't have a problem with that. I just want to be sure when I make some stronghold with defense systems that people won't just mine around them with a wooden pickaxe.

    Well this is exactly what I am trying to avoid somehow, but as it is now, there is no way to stop anyone from doing that. Everyone can just go to your base and destroy everything without a problem. I know my ideas are not perfect, but at least I am trying... :D

    If being able to take stuff from a base while only needing a wooden pickaxe is the problem, then the way to fix it is blocks that can't be destroyed by anything short of, say, a diamond mining drill or a mining laser.

    Well this is what I meant for reinforced stone. You won't be able to destroy it with a pickaxe. Also if you read my editied previous post, increased mining times could give you some time to go back and protect your base, when the radar detect someone.

    Well, why would you kill anyone at the spawn? They haven't got anything that you can steal. In the early game it will be good to hide your base. The other thing is that it is not that hard to build a tesla coil even in the early game. I would like to see how they rush in against a tesla coil with a wooden sword. :D In the late game it doesn't even matter because your laser turret doesn't care about some thiefs with wooden swords. If the mining times were normal, you could use a wooden pickaxe and bypass those turrets in like 3 mins and then steal whatever you want. For teamplay mods, teams will have a different spawn and they will have to find the other team, or they can use some machine to find them in the late game if they didn't manage to find each other earlier.

    Also I know IC and BC are totally different mods and they shouldn't rely on each other, but BC is a great addition to IC. With pipes you can make a lot of automatization. Almost all IC servers use BC anyway.

    When you talked about sneaking to someones base with a wrench, maybe it would be good to build something like a radar, that will alarm Ablos that there is a player near your base. Albos will then alarm you, it could send a signal and you would have some device in your inventory that will start to beep.

    All right I've been thinking :D

    So to begin I will try to make this suggestion as realistic as possible. I know something about programming, so I will try to come up with things that are possible to program. Also I will be combining some stuff from buildcraft here, because I think it is very good to use it with industrial craft. On the other side I will not make this dependable on buildcraft. This will also work without it as well.

    Major changes

    The first biggest problem with PvP is the fast mining. You can mine everything and everywhere in the matter of seconds or minutes. Why would anyone build a fortress, when everyone can just mine his way inside and steal your stuff or sabotage it. The solution to this: make mining times for everyting very long maybe like 15 seconds or more. Now you probably think: but wait this will suck. I wont mine 30 minutes just to build a small house. Well you are right it will suck from the begining, but think about it you are playing industrial craft. Mining is not a job for you. Let the machines do that. The best way to start would be to make a house in a cave entrance. When you have enough resources, you can build a quarry or a miner with a scanner that will make it mine like a small quarry. Miner or quarry will mine resources the same way as usual, so it will be important to have one.

    The other problem is building. When everything takes long to mine, you will always find some idiot that will want to spam blocks to block your way. The solution to this is: When you spawn a block, it will be like a construction foam. You will be able too see trough it and walk through it. You will be able to destroy it with one hit. After some time (30 seconds maybe) the block will solidify.

    How the gameplay will look like:

    When you start you will mine sume wood as usual, and you will make some stone tools. Then you will search for a cave. When you find it, you will make a small house there and then you will go to explore the cave. If you dont want to have a base in the cave you can make a wooden house. It won't be durable, but it may be better for somebody. In the caves you will mine some resources and you will start to make some basic machines. Later, when you have enough resources you will build a miner or a quarry. From there you can start building your own coble/stone fortress. I suggest to keep your resources hidden and well protected, because there will be a lot of people trying to steal them. Remeber even the coblestone will be a valuable resource. Tesla coils will be great to protect your resources, because people won't just mine around them. For mining rooms underground it would be good to use a filler from buildcraft. That reminded me that TNT should be a bit nerfed, but also you can use dynamite to mine things. But don't make dynamite too overpowered wee don't want people blasting their way into your fortress. Reinforced stone should also be very very durable. You will be able to destroy it with some high tech weapons but you won't drill through it like it was a butter.

    For this mod it would be great to make some protection systems like sentries and better weapons. On the other side some offensive system that you can use to destroy them or to
    switch them off etc..


    -Mining time for almost all blocks increased rapidly. Ores and wood related blocks mining times will increase only slightly.
    -When building blocks the blocks will first appear as a ghost. They will solidify after about 30 seconds.
    -Ghost blocks are very easy to destroy you just punch them.
    -New scanner for miner that will make it mine even the stone so it will act like a quarry. Its mining speed will be unchanged.
    -Alarm - New item will start to beep when radar detects something
    -Radar a block that will send a singnal to Alarm when somebody is nearby
    -Reinforce stone is now impossible to destroy with a pickaxe. You can drill through it with a diamond drill, but it will take a long time.
    -Molecular decomposer field generator (temporary name
    :D ) - Block that will decrease the mining times of the blocks in the field, so you can rebuild your base.
    -Nuke is now very hard to make and costs a fortune.
    -New laser defense turrets and guns from Alblakas weapon update. (we will see what he will make :D )


    There could also be several teamplay gamemods. For now I can think of 2.

    The first one would be something like mine4dead. Each team will have a block and the other team has to destroy it. You could power the block with EUs to shield it with force field etc...

    The other one would be like mining some rare resource and bringing it to your base. The resource would spawn in some area, and it would be respawning there, so the team will have to take control over that area. Or it can spawn randomly (imagine it falling like a meteor) and the team will have to make a detector to detect the place of the impact. You will have to power it with EU of course.

    Well tell me what you think about this PvP solution. I know it is a bit hardcore, but when you make some machines it won't be that hard.

    P.S. Forgive me my grammar mistakes. THX