[Reactor Designs] The GregTech-Thread for Reactor Designs! (Please dont spam me like Rick, with tons of noobish Plans, PLEASE!!!)

  • Hi all. I'm really like thorium, and automatisation. And i like small count of reactors (because of automatisation) and big counts of EU (because...never mind). So i'm using this one if i have no a lot of copper input, this, if i have copper (or this to get more EU at a time) or this, if i have recourses for it.
    I can't imagine how to improve efficiency of it without reduction of power output. And i think, it's can be a way for it.

    take a look at my thorium based "portapack" design. try that, it produces 1/3 the power of yours, but is only 1 block, so stick down a couple lines of them (redstone in bottom, fuel in side, power out top, spent fuel out other side) you can fill the empty slots with reactor plates or something. That would be easy to automate, and will produce a higher power density than your current system.

    Simlarly, you could use my 70EU/t single block plutonium design.

  • Ok, if you wanna tell that trying to improve eu/t from one reactor is a bad idea, and more reactors instead of it - better idea, so be it.
    Thanks for help by the way=)

  • Well, i started thinking this way, but i still want to use thorium only - i like its duration and that they don't gives spent fuel - little easier to manage it.
    So i thinking about this one (expensive version, 7 efficiency), this cheaper version (5 efficiency) and this cheapest (only 4 efficiency, but only single cells, without copper input).
    And i liked this one, with 4 chambers, 7 efficiency, and lot of iridium reflectors, but still thinking about.
    Or maybe, my attraction to thorium is bad idea too? But anyway, i prefer thorium instead of using breeders, so i need to realise best way to use it.

  • Best source of thorium is a breeder, 8 re-enriched uranium cells -> 4 thorium, 3 near depleted and 1 plutonium. Use the plutonium in smaller reactors (or as main power for something), re-enrich the 3 depleted, and use the thorium in your main reactors (and some for the breeder)

    I know that you can get it from a blaze farm as well, but this method also produces the plutonium, which can be quite useful (for rapid, mass excavation)

    edit: Note that with gregtech base settings, UUM is 100x more expensive, therefore, unless you get your copper from lava made from netherack with TE, then you will still need to be mining an awful lot of copper to make those quad cells.

  • Ok so, here is my first GregTech reactor.
    Just tell me if it is OK.

    Thorium - Plutonium reactor:

    • Link: Mark I EA
    • Chambers: 2
    • Eu/tick: 228
    • Efficiency: 4
    • Cost: Iron 193, Copper 338, Tin 65, Gold 12

    Advantages: Good EU/t, quite easy to build
    Disadvantages: Lower efficency, running cost for quad thorium cells, you have to replace plutonium cells during the cycle.

  • Oh, i haven't noticed this source of thorium, i was thinking i can get it only from near-depleted, not from re-enriched, and now i realize, that i need every type of stuff.
    So, get 200 copper for 13 hours, to make 5 quad cells, is not a problem, with lava, quarry, mining, and/or whatever.

  • Computer Cube and T.R.P. Tested

    The Aurora 200 "Copper Monster" XL Reactor v1
    The Aurora 200 "Copper Monster" XL Reactor v2
    Mark 1
    200 EU/T, 80M Total
    89.45% Profit (~8.5M EU "Waste")

    The design is considered "Feed and Forget". It can handle any kind of nuclear material you throw at it. Don't have Quad Plutonium? Replace the two Containment Reactor Plates with two additional Iridium Neutron Reflectors! The additional Reflector setup can handle everything from Quad Uranium to Dual Plutonium.

    Version 2 attempts to reduce resource cost and 4 unused cooling

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  • H
    The Portapack : 32EU/t, 3.2/5 Thorium based reactor, for your low voltage outpost power needs.

    Note: this could be arranged to get 33EU/t, with 1 less thorium cell (3.67/5) but then would no longer qualify for a LV supply (I use this to provide steam for my engines powering my oil wells).
    33EU/t, notsoPortapack

    I'm going to call this portrapack 2 , this
    It uses less thorium, and you can probably manage the copper. Also you can double it.

  • Curious about how well my Thorium Breeder ranks.

    MkI EA+ Thorium Breeder
    EU/t: 48
    Heat: 288 In, 288 Out
    Isotopes at a time: 4
    Average time to recharge an Isotope: 23.2s at 37,500 Heat
    Cells/cycle: 2151

    To heat up, I replace the Isotopes with Single Plutonium for just over 2 minutes, which also gives a by-product of 498EU/t while doing so. I use Nuclear Control to detect the heat level, and a series of RP Latch Timers to handle what should be currently in the Reactor. A Hopper above the Reactor is filled by a Filter with depleted cells to recharge, and cells are pulled out by a Filter as soon as they are fully charged. Usually this is fast enough that the reactor heat level doesn't TRY to drop, though if at any point the heat drops below 37,000 a Latch is toggled that fills the Hopper with Single Plutonium Cells, and pulls out the Isotope Cells, until the heat reaches 37,500 again. The control aspect is pretty damn neat here, and I'm very happy with it.

  • MKII-1EA+ Thorium Breeder

    EU/t: 12
    Heat: 112 In, 144 Out
    Heating: 64 Heating Cells
    Isotopes at a time: 4
    Average time to recharge an Isotope: 85s at ~62,000 Heat
    Cells/cycle: 1722 From Cold / 1759 From Hot

    That is the setup I have started using due to its ease of management and good balance of speed and efficiency.

    • Official Post

    Here's something I was trying in the planner.

    Would Condensator Breeders even work? I know nothing about Condensator mechanics. If they work though, this is the highest cell/cycle output possible.

    You just posted the Design of the Post right above yours, even Rick didnt have that happen in his Thread.

  • I did indeed link the wrong one. Editing post...
    EDIT: Fixed. Ignore the ugliness of the design and the lack of heating cells, this is not designed to be practical, just a test to try and get over 10,000 cells/cycle on a Thorium breeder in the planner only.

  • Here's something I was trying in the planner.

    Would Condensator Breeders even work? I know nothing about Condensator mechanics. If they work though, this is the highest cell/cycle output possible.

    Scratch that. This wants to recharge 12,960 cells/cycle, with the Condensators only costing 1,483 Lapis for the entire run. I'll actually try out a Condensator breeder in-game, if it works I might have accidentally hit an awesome idea. But these designs aren't something I'd use, I prefer to keep exactly 4 Isotope slots in my breeders so it can be fed by a single Hopper. I'll try both styles out.

    EDIT: Hah. It's neat. On average a cell takes 3.8 seconds to recharge, and because it's Condensators instead of other heat management it doesn't TRY to cool itself down, so having it turned off by the broken-LZH-output Item Detector pulsing a RS Latch is perfectly fine. This... is intriguing me. Nearly 13,000 cells charged per Thorium cycle, <1500 Lapis cost, and 180EU/t to boot? I guess if I ever really have THAT much Uranium to recharge I'm set.

  • Its defiantly a fast build for space saving, but the time delay between LZH replacements would cause a steady increase of heat, what you might want is a self regulating LZH Breeder reactor, something like...

    That is a fairly safe MKII-E-SUC Breeder that self regulates.

    If you want a beefier one
    Will give the goods and still has an easy LZH swap with self regulation

    Much more than that and they start getting scary for practical use I find, however with a reload speed of the second one, and breeder abilities of the first comes a decent plutonium Dual use reactor. Decent power output and good breeding capabilities.

    I find its better to just run multiple non LZH reactors all with the same setup as it results in a much better Output:Fuel ratio