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    Another suggestion i have:

    Modify the electrolyzer (more make an equivalent) so that it can produce the cells without needing to be right next to a MFE or MFSU, you could make it less efficient if it does so, or even slower, this would allow for more elegant heavy water production plants, without having huge amounts of energy sitting in storage devices doing nothing.

    Greg tech seems to be a very good addon. I rather like the ability to customize the systems more (with the adjustable energy storage, the quantum chests are very helpful, etc.

    About the fusion reactor:
    I really like the design with something in the middle and coils around it, though technically it should have torroidial symmetry rather than spherical (magnetic fields are torroidally symmetric). Is there any way you can change the tritium production method to involved neutron bombardment of lithium? Both the fusion and fission reactor would produce large amounts if neutron radiation, which could then be used to breed tritium (see the last paragraph under "Reactor Overview" )

    The super condensers look perfect for powering a large railgun or laser system, there the former could be used for moving things, and the latter for either a different type of fusion (just for generating materials, not power production) or as mass excavation tool (enough energy into a FEL and you should be able to evaporate some mountains).

    I have a suggestion for an alternative method of producing Tritium:

    Have the lithium cells if placed inside a fission reactor convert into tritium and helium cells after a certain time ( you could also somehow put lithium cells near the fusion reactor (like the proposed lithium blanket on the ITER), which should produce considerable neutron radiation.

    This would make the tritium production a bit more realistic, it will also give higher incentive to run a fission reactor for a while beforehand to get then initial energy for the fusion reactor.

    (and less incentive to use those silly compact solar things that make absolutely no sense, the power per square meter should be almost fixed, so how do you get a panel to produce 512x the already effecientish one?)