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    And the diamond is here for ... ? ^^

    Yep, I know, but cable aren't made like that in IC². IC² cables are made to makes you use one type of cable for each situation. And Refined Iron Cables aren't totally usefull, as it can be used one by one without any losses. But yeah, they only exist for some setup, not for energy transmission.

    The diamond is there as a semiconducting material to act as a thermoelectric to convert some of the wasted heat back into EU, thereby dropping the effective loss :D

    edit: i can come up with a stupid rationalization for a large number of silly things, most of which have much more efficient solutions, but devs don't do.

    Yep, but copper is also supposed to be more efficient than tin (wich isn't really a good way to transmit power lol ^^) ... But we don't care. Does optic fiber conducts electricity ? It could (in the future ^^) conducts energy, but it would need a converter Light-Electricity ...

    I've just suggested more cable because I'm bored of the "Tin for green gens, copper for small setup, opticfiber for long distance". How are you supposed to do if you haven't diamond enough to spend it to power only one machine but don't want extreme losses ?
    That's why I've suggested one cable for each thing lacking in IC², to me.

    the Glass fiber cables have a silver line in them (assuming you use that recipe) which is a very good conductor. The main issue i have is the uselessness of EV cables, which theoretically should have the lowest power loss, hence my suggestion for an aluminium cable which operates best at HV or EV (preferably in the 2048-8196 range) with extremely low loss, but needing to be uninsulated, therefore will electrocute anyone who gets too close.

    Edit: on the iron topic:

    if you double the voltage irl, this will half the current, and quarter the power loss for the same resistance.

    So, if you quadruple the voltage (512 - 2048 ), this will quarter the current (ie 1/4 the number of packets), so, if using RL mechanics, would result in 1/16 the power loss for the same resistance, so using something with 10x the resistance, and still get less power loss (10/16, or at least should).

    almost all modern powergrids use aluminium for long distance, high voltage power transmission (and uninsulated). internal systems like what you suggested use mainly copper.

    Suggestion: Aluminium HV cable.

    I suggest that an Aluminium HV cable be added, but with the opposite effect of insulation on EU loss. In real HV cables, adding insulation increases the capacitance, which increases the impedance to AC or pulsed (which is technically AC) power transmission. This way, it would become more important to build your HV transmission system out of the way, and un-insulated, like real systems, and for short range transmission it could be insulated, but more EU loss. This would fill the gap between the current cables and SC cables, as you would then have a moderately efficient cable to use for the EV grid before you get SC cables made.

    One other thing that would be helpful, unless you want people to turn off power before working on the lines: make metal armours make you immune to the electrocution damage, as they would act as a faraday cage.

    edit: an increase in impedance is approximately equivalent to an increase in resistance.

    I am still working on getting the spawn rates right, but here is what should be done:

    first, it seems that disabling uranium in IC2 stops other mods generating it as well. so you need to add the following:

    <Substitute name='UraniumSubstitute' block = 'stone'>
    <Replaces block='247'/>
    where '247' is my uranium ore id.

    Here is the basic format i use for the main ores which occur in veins, where the block id is replaced by whatever, and the sub vien is replaced by the appropriate material.

    Here is my bauxite, this still generates too much, so either drop the radius, or the spawn probability, note: this is the high probability version that spawns in forests and plains.

    here is the example of the emeralds subvein preset needed to define before you call it

    edit: rather than messing with the iron spawn code in the vanilla ores config, i did the same thing to iron as i did to uranium before replacing it with my own code, which resulted in the same iron amount, but also manganese veins near it.

    you could always check wiki.

    for the bauxite, i use a very rare, but large, shallow cloud found in plains biomes, to mimic how it is found irl.

    Silver should probably be found near lead and copper, so i would place as a child vein of those (assuming you have a lead generating mod)

    I moved emeralds to spawning near tin, though extremely rarely.

    Sapphire is found in alluvial deposits, so probably should be spawned in river biomes.

    Rubies are defined as red/pink sapphire, so should be found in the same place.

    the rest are nether and end ores, so not sure about them, if you can reskin them to go well in stone, i will give you some appropriate locations to spawn them. (when redpower2 comes out, i will reskin cinnabar myself and stick it in the basalt)

    Maybe the idea is something like this:

    Water cell(with bacteria and other impurity) --(electrolyze)--> Pure Oxygenated Water (Electrolyzed water cell) --(further process)--> Hydrogen+Oxygen..

    Water cell => cell containing some water, pressurized O2 and H2 (which can then be recombined in the cell to get energy + water cell) => cells just containing the O2 and H2

    Because I want to. Literally, that's the only reason ^^. I know how to calculate the distance, but I prefer this one, it makes for an interesting change. Plus, this is Minecraft, blocks are kind of our thing, aren't they?

    Yes, and I *really really* want to do that, but I have no idea what would be involved in that yet (also, I'll need graphics, but yeah). Also, particularly for teleporting players around, do you know if it's possible to freeze a player in place? It would make things a lot cleaner if I didn't have to worry about the player moving while being teleported -- and that includes them not falling while they're being transported.

    blocks may be the thing for some things, but others do use the actual distance, such as lighting, loaded chunk radius, arrow range, liquid spread distance, view distance, etc. for a transporter, it should probably be based on the actual distance, rather than the sum of the coords.

    On the topic of inter-universe gates, why not use the following as a base for designing the volume to pass thru for transit:

    This would basically look like a sphere (i guess could use a cube in minecraft). The generator should probably be a 3-D assembly around the active volume. You could make the generator scalable, so any sized wormhole can be constructed, but say have the power requirement scale with the cube of the radius, thereby making it extremely expensive to run a wormhole to move a large ship, but not so expensive to make a small, turtle sized wormhole.


    Change the mechanics if UU-Matter, rather than just nerfing the EU cost up by two orders.

    One of the most reasonable explanations for how UU-Matter works is that it is a blob of small, self configurable nanomachines which change can change themselves into any other material.

    My suggestion:

    change UU-Matter recipes to be similar to the ones from Liquid UU-Matter, where it would consist of UU-Matter + something -> more refined version of something.

    A great something for general use would be scrap, considering that it appears to contain trace amounts of everything.

    example: 3 UUM + 1 copper ore -> 10 copper dust.
    alternate: 5 UUM + 1 Scrap -> 10 copper dust.
    as for iridium, can the recipe system handle requiring more than a 1 item per stack?

    if so, then do something like this: 8UUM + stack of Iron Ore => some number of iridium.
    else: 8UUM + scrapbox => Iridium ore.

    Also, if iridium dust is introduced, then replace iridium ore above with the dust.

    DIamonds are easy enough to get as it is, so their recipe can be left alone, or could be changed to 8UUM + lots of Charcoal -> Diamond (charcoal is higher quality carbon than coal is)

    Then have other mineral recipes be UUM + Scrap -> whatever dust.

    Other suggestion:

    UUM construction foam.

    If UUM is a material made from self configurable nanomachines, then it should be possible to build with them. My suggestion is to have a machine that takes in a lot of UUM, and in it you can draw out a schematic for what needs to be built. Then activate the machine, and it sends out the UUM to build whatever shaped construction you desired. Also, the material which the UUM turns into could be set via the control machine (but limited to say stone, CF, bricks, etc)

    Related suggestion:

    replicating UUM

    Have a way to produce replicating UUM (RUM) where you place the RUM in the world as a liquid, and it (slowly) converts surrounding blocks into more RUM. the RUM could be used like normal UUM in any recipe, but can also be used in some special ones of its own (say to multiply yields). every time the RUM converts a surrounding block, give it a chance to mutate to some other random material, which would then make it very dangerous to leave it alone, incase it decides to mutate into something explosive. Also, it would need to be contained in a self healing room as it would otherwise turn your entire world into more RUM.

    Also: make it flammable then someone can burn down another players RUM factory, and then the owner can cry "Why's the RUM gone?"
    or have the RUM able to move, where the source block of it can move itself into one of the non source blocks it generated, then your RUM can move around and try to escape.

    Odd... I thought helium along with several other elements can be in liquid state if super cooled like liquid nitrogen which at room temp is a gas. I could also be getting confused with what your typing... then again I'm pretty tired and should be heading off to bed soon :wacko:

    helium-4 undergoes a state transition at 2.1k from a normal liquid to a superfluid, it loses its viscosity at that point, and gains a very very interesting set of physical properties.

    for use in cooling a reactor, you want the coolant to be very hot, as the coolant is supposed to be heating water for steam, so if it was liquid nitrogen that would freeze the water, and no way to get power out of the reactor.

    Indeed, I just started breaking into them and I'm already liking them with the speed at which they move liquid. If liquid Nitrogen was ever introduced and I do know one mod is working on adding that (XYcraft) but we probably won't get that for a while. Liquid Nitrogen would be a neat way to cool certain things off.

    LN2 would be great for some things, and Liquid Helium would be nice for others (though both would be horrible for a nuclear reactor, use hot gaseous helium for one of them), that one would be hilarious in those pipes if they actually go based on the viscosity, and they use Liquid Helium II, which has 0 viscosity :D

    Well that I know... buuuuut I would think more people would be using TE now that KingLemming has released liquiducts, they completely obsoleted liquid pipes for buildcraft. One liquiduct line hooked up to a reactor face is enough to run 1 steam turbine at 100%. Liquiducts move liquids faster than even the value pipe mods industrial liquid pipes (and those things are better than golden liquid pipes)

    The liquiducts are based on the properties of the fluid, so are really great for steam (less viscous and compressible) i would assume that maybe for oil the valve pipes may be closer?
    since TE updated to that i now use it exclusively for my liquid transfer needs

    edit: any ideas on what would be a balanced number of emeralds in 100 chunks? right now my system makes 22 (makes 186 diamonds)

    I am working on making a config file for Custom Ore Generation for use with this and other tech mods (TE, RC, etc)

    This generation method should lower the total amount of ore, but make it available in large deposits appropriate for the type of ore.

    example: Bauxite will spawn in large layers right below the surface.

    Note: Ores come from TE, Metallurgy (base and precious), IC2, Forestry and GregTech

    ores included: Copper, Tin, Silver, Lead, Platinum, Zinc, Manganese, Bauxite, Iridium, ruby, sapphire and uranium (vanilla ores as well)

    Any suggestions on Biome specific spawning for various ores?
    Any suggestions for what ores should spawn together in what ratios?
    Any suggestions for the specific ratio between the ores?

    So far just doing the overworld.

    Currently working on:

    getting manganese to spawn in the correct relation to iron.
    determining a good ratio uranium in deserts (it is naturally found in sandstone)

    Edit: where can i find what the ores are registered as? is bauxite oreAluminium or oreBauxite? i could either use item id or registered name, if i use name, it would be much easier for me to share the file.

    on further testing, it seems to only work for oreCopper, and spawns the forestry version, any ideas why it won't work for oreTin?