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  • Привет, Грег я
    люблю твой мод и очень хотел бы тебя направить на правильный путь... Ты уже знаешь что твой мод на английском языке, и понимаешь, что он требует русификации для большей востребованности.Также я хочу поддержку мода на химию. Конечно, мне хочу поддержку мода No Cubes. Грег, я виду речь к тому , чтобы мод был более независимым от других модификаций.Также нужна встроенная оптимизация.
    • ????? (I did look at it through googletranslate and still dont understand it)
  • Hello. I love your mod and I have some questions/offers/thanks to you.
    1) Are you planning to add advanced Multiblock Machines in GregTech 6?
    2) How do you like GregTech 5 Unofficial which made by one man who was trusted?
    3) It's awesome if you're planning to fuse GregTech 6 with TerraFirmaCraft!
    4) I have a huge idea about addon to GregTech! It's VehTech which is going to be based on vehicles! Unfortunately, I can't make this.
    5) When you're planning to add nuclear energetics and Nuclear and Fusion Reactor?
    • 1) Yes
      2) Its Okayish but its code is still terrible and bugged as hell.
      3) If you mean by that "copy TFC Features because TFC is a bitch to add compat to" then yes XD
      4) I'm not a Vehicle adding kind of Guy, or any Entitis for that matter ^^"
      5) Later, but I will definitely do that
  • Excuse me if I'm annoying, but I would like to know whether there's a way to enable/disable to constant need of energy for electric machines. I could't find an option in the config.
    • Is there even electric Machines for that? Most use a Motor or Engine attached to them. But well I might add a Config for that I guess.
    • I meant motors and engines as well as the electrolyzer.
      And because there is no option for that it's really a pain to automate these machines with buildcraft gates.
      These have to be attached to an input/output side to enable the option "items in inventory", the front/back does't allow that. Guess I have to find another way if I dont want to waste power :D
    • There is Covers that allow Redstone Control over GT6 Machines, if you attach one of those to a Basic Machine it will even turn on/off adjacent electric Motors automatically, whenever the Machine is on, without having to put that cover onto the Motor itself. ;)
    • Didn't recognize that one.
      Neat. Thanks man. :P
    • Do these covers require additional EU?
      Because when I put an "automatic machine switch" on my press with an electric engine mv on top of it, 128 EU/tick is not enough to keep the press running. It stops in the middle of the crafting operation and tries again from the beginning.
  • Hello Greg,
    recently I encountered a problem with gregtech 6.
    It isn't possible to craft a flux-motor and its crafting recipe isn't available in nei either. Do you know a solution?
    Greetings, Blackluigi
    • That Device along with the other Flux powered Machines does not have a Recipe and is designed to be MineTweakered in. Yeah I know there is no other way to craft them, but I cant have them enabled per default due to the huge Balance Issues that would cause. (especially with most RF Mods) ^^
    • Thanks for the quick response :D
      Is there a way to enable them with config-files or do I have to cheat them in?
    • cheat them in or use minetweaker to add a recipe for them ;)
    • Thanks man
      have a nice day
  • Hello, Greg, I really liked your mod! But I want more technology from the future: the quantum industry is a good topic for future additions to mod. Maybe I'll upload the video for your mod. (I'm from Russia)
    • I fully understand your concerns, right now I am kinda stuck in the early-to-midgame Tech Stuff, I think I should at least add some more lategame Stuff too. Let's hope I get a good Idea on how to do that, soon. ^^
  • Hi Greg! I started playing GregTech 6, and I found IC2 Lead ore. I think you forgot to disable it. I'm not sure that other IC2 ores are not generating...
    • I'll take a look at the Code. In the meantime, maybe disable the Lead Ore Generation from IC2 via Config. ;)
    • I found IC2 Copper Ore and IC2 Uranium Ore also, so this problem is actual for other IC2 ores
    • I looked at it, also I dont get any IC2 Ore Gen in my World, and I didn't config it off. Are you sure you run IC2EXP and not IC2Classic?
    • Yes, I use industrialcraft-2-2.2.828-experimental and GregTech with default configs. I also used Forestry and Buldcraft, but I removed them when I found a lot of its ores, so it is some cheaty. I play in the same world as generated with BC and Forestry
    • Strange, I wonder how to fix that one. If I cant fix it, then just use the IC2 Config ^^
  • hello GregoriusT. i am a minecraft palyer in China . And i am fervant fans of GT mod. But of WangYi gain the dealership of minecraft in China.we can not enjoy the mod in China legal version . The version of minecraft in China now is in situation that the game is free but some map model will be sell freely or not . And the agency WanyYi institute rules that everyone can upload their works like mod or map to sell .i am expect to play the GT mod .would you like to take some time to show your mod to us even in a high price?
    • Huh? I won't sell anything. I am doing this for fun, not for money. Everyone can easily download my Mods from my Site, and I highly doubt there is any censorship in China stopping you from downloading my Mod.
    • the China dealership of minecraft : 。And the dealership alter the forge make player in China can not use the mod which is not show in official platform .Also the vision (not China vision ) player buy can not use in China.( All those cause the legal player in China can not play mods freely... ). and most of interesting mod has not land in that platform .because the group or creator which has attend in that platform is too less . So the dealership start a project that help mod creator to upload their mods maps . and I think I have no right to upload you mod. so would you take part in the project ?.
      ps the two website has only Chinrer version .and maybe it need VPN to visit .
  • Apparently I have a Wall now, and I do get notified about Wall Comments, so I guess you can write something here too. ;)