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    Its not so much something the IC2 devs will fix AFAIK that will be fixed when NEI plugins (which is what makes NEI show most of the non vanila crafting recipes such as rolling machines and such) updates to include the recipes for IC2 experimental however with a lot of things in IC2 changing it may take a little while for NEI plugins to update to include the new stuff.

    Ok looks like I was completely wrong about this the latest build for IC2 exp has NEI plugins for ore washing plant, metal former and thermal centrifuge.

    After you update there will still be a few recipes that don't show up, like to get old-style cells put tin plate in metal former set to extrude, and to get empty nuclear fuel rods do the same with iron plate. This is normal and just waiting for IC2 devs to fix it.

    Its not so much something the IC2 devs will fix AFAIK that will be fixed when NEI plugins (which is what makes NEI show most of the non vanila crafting recipes such as rolling machines and such) updates to include the recipes for IC2 experimental however with a lot of things in IC2 changing it may take a little while for NEI plugins to update to include the new stuff.

    The problem is from incompatibility with IC2 and Forestry basically IC2 has just updated its API and forestry needs to update to the new API before it will work properly.

    Basically you have four real options for sorting it,

    1. Wait for forestry to update.
    2. Downgrade your IC2 to before the new API was implemented which I believe was build 290 and before. Bear in mind with this one that other mods that have updated to the new API may play up if you do downgrade.
    3. Get rid of forestry till it updates.
    4. Get rid of IC2 till forestry updates.

    I dunno myself for that reasoning.

    Well one possible reason to use 16 instead of just 1 would be if this were to be added to FTB or something similar (I know its in Tekkit Lite and Voltz so its possible) someone may create an adventure map or something based off of parts of the mod and use them as a reward or they could be used as a reward or item on a server I suppose that would have to be awarded by an OP.

    Not sure if its intentional but the Jetpack module sprint thing is really fun and cool and it does something similar with the jump assist.

    The glider just jump in the air and hold shift you will descend slowly and be able to move forward at a reasonable speed.

    Just encountered a bug with the power tool when using the pick axe module (not tested the axe and shovel module nor tested it with the aqua affinity or diamond upgrade yet) it does not seem to draw power from any of my armour or the tool itself but still functions as it should as long as enough power is available to do the specific action.

    So if I have it set to use 1KJ to mine then have 1KJ in my tool it will mine perfectly fine but if I have 500J available then it will function as it should if it is out of power this happens at all the power usage levels I've tested it at.

    The plasma cannon (which is awesome BTW) does draw power as it should however.

    were you on creative mode? I just added a thing where you get modules for free if you are on creative mode. it's a little buggy still, so it might have deleted them client-side but not server-side and then dropping an item caused it to refresh.

    I was not in creative mode but did have cheat mode for NEI enabled not sure if that would affect it I will delete the module and try again without cheat mode on.

    Edit: Also do love that new Tinker Table model and ooh keybinds... now if only RP 2 will behave so I can have a play with them.

    Edit 2: Just tried it again on the latest build out side of cheat mode and it still returned the hologram emmiter and goggles of revealing to me after using them when I sort my inventory but it also seems to happen with any item requiring a holo emmiter.

    Also on a slightly less buggy slightly more awesome note, loving the keybind GUI and the ability to turn things off on the fly seems really innovative and also quicker to use than having to scroll through a list for each of my modules to set the configs and a lot cooler to look at.

    Did you modify the way the jump boost works because now when using it it seems to give me a lot more forward momentum than before which is awesome, loving all the changes and additions so far keep up the good work : )

    Just encountered a little bug on the latest build (the 2.0-18 one) whereby after installing the goggles of revealing module in my helmet and then just doing some random stuff (nothing that should cause the bug inherently) I dropped something from my inventory and the hologram emmiter appeared back in my inventory (the goggle module was still installed and functioning) I then sorted my inventory (with inventory tweaks) and the goggles reappeared.

    I know inventory tweaks does occasionally cause a few bugs to do with items appearing from no where so it may have been caused by that but thought I would report it here just incase.

    everything ive seen in this forum about not being able to charge with ic2 says to pdate to the latest, i just wanted to clarify whether or not this mod works for ic2 version 1.112, spryy for any inconvienence this may cause you

    it will work with 1.112.198 which is the one linked to on the site for this addon but will not work with 1.112.172 which is the one in FTB (IIRC) you can manually update it if you want and then it would work.

    Alternately I believe you could add the mod and then use it without charging the suit in the Batbox/MFE/MFSU and instead use the method of salvaging the batteries every time they are empty until FTB gets updated.

    Chainsword :D

    Other bad ass weaponry would be a jet boosted fist or knuckle, some energy blade, man the list goes on. The potential is ENORMOUS with this mod.

    Would indeed be awesome could even go as far as to add decoration modules like the colour modules that change the colour of the armour ones that change the style of the armour so for instance ones that make it look like fallout power armour or WH 40k space marine armour.

    Another idea that springs to mind that may or may not be useful in this mod is either a tool that is basically a handheld version of the tinker table (tinker tool?) or a module for the power tool but that does not let you add and remove modules from your armour but does let you edit the settings on the armour so the amount of power being given to a module on the fly.


    small tweak to register same item multiple times in oredict will allow it in few lines, but this is hurge ovrhead for recipe system.

    also, this extremely stupid and useless, there is no need to refine every iron you have.

    He probably wants to simplify his sorting system to allow it to simply create refined iron instead of distributing it in any way, that would make the idea slightly useful but still is pretty pointless given how easy it is to create sorting system that can handle it given that most people play with more than just IC2 (though that has no innate sorting anyway)

    Had a quick play with the mod and so far am enjoying it I like the modular idea allowing you to customise your armour to your liking and have a couple of suggestions for changes that I would like to see;

    1. Would it be possible to add a sprint button for use with the leggings like what IC2 Quantum Armour has whereby if you change the config to say only use when the boost key is held down then you can sprint without going insanely fast. (Means I can sprint around holes without it going a bit crazy and throwing myself in)

    2. I would like it if you could change the tinker table recipe to use something other than an emerald as realistically your change of mining one is insanely low and so whether or not you get one depends on your ability to find a village in which you have something to trade. (Maybe make it cost even a diamond block as with some of the worlds I have played in where I have had a lot of trouble finding villages getting started in this mod would be next to impossible)

    3. As other people have said I would like to see some kind of free flying module that simulates creative flying however make it insanely expensive to make and also use a lot of power so you can only use it sparingly.

    Other than that really do love the mod and am looking forward to seeing if you add more modules and what they are.

    Edit: Oh and one quick question I installed the sprint assist on a pair of Power Armour Legs and set the speed boost and exhaustion compensation to max I assumed the exhaustion compensation would mitigate the amount of hunger I lost (at full 100% compensation so no hunger loss) yet I still lost all my hunger very quickly sprinting around am I mistaken about what the exhaustion compensation does or is it bugged.

    Frame quarries are definitely the fastest way though are fairly expensive to build all the frames seen as you will need a lot of brass but aside from that you can set up an automated battery filling system that will last practically forever using ender chests a filter and a retriever on the quarry end and then another ender chest filter and retriever attached to a battery box probably with a windmill powering it and that will go forever, just don't do what I did and lose your only way of getting to it short of a 6000 block walk by dying in lava. However the one thing to be aware of there is if you build one at like y = 6 or so you will get a lot of diamonds, iron, redstone and nikolite but no copper or tin if you use TE ore generation which anyone using most of the packs in the FTB pack will be.

    They may have changed it then for probably the reason of it having key conflicts with other big mods a lot of people use I know Reis also puts the key to make a waypoint on C by default which is the key used by EE for a lot of secondary functions of items.

    If you press M with Reis installed it will bring up the menu for that in there there should be a button in the bottom left of the menu saying keyconfig you can change what the menu key is bound to in there.