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    GregTech is in the 1.4.2 FTB modpack, but has NOT been included in the Direwolf20 FTB modpack.

    Yep, it's not in Direwolf20 FTB modpack, but it's in the Mindcrack FTB modpack..

    Ruby is fine.. you don't need stacks of Chrome except for Fusion Reactor.. And now with the RedPower gen it should be much easier to get Ruby and Chrome..I remember someone complained about RockCutter being too OP that he and his partner could get nearly 1 gold chest full of redstone in 2 hours mining..

    I agree with the Platinum, my suggestion is to half or quarter the amount of platinum you get from grinding sheldonite ore..

    That's 54 stacks. It's still a crapton, but it's a much smaller crapton with RP rubies than with GT rubies.
    Relatively mundane things like matter fabricators and lightning rods no longer require a crapton at all.

    And if we want to use RP "emeralds" for datachips do we have to macerate them, electrolyze them and implosion compress them, since they're now green sapphires?

    Yep, it's getting MUCH easier with RP2 gem on now, is there any way to turn off the RP2 GEM world gen off? no config for that :(

    No, you still need to use vanilla emerald for datachips.. macerate, electrolyze and compress will still give you green sapphire/sapphire gem..

    In response to 2.71a,

    Hi Greg, can you hide your tin, silver, sapphire, ruby ingots and blocks from the NEI if Redpower is installed?

    Also, smelting the tin IC2 dust still give your tin ingot, since you already change the smelting of silver dust might as well change the tin..

    btw, :thumbup: for the better "lava" generator

    Yep The Latetis One I updated All My Mods Wean Redpower Came Out I Had It In My Minecraft And Working Well Within 8 Minites Of The Relesase time!

    Idk why, but I have a feeling it's not the latest version, Greg updates the mod everyday, and he has uploaded 2 (or 3?) new versions today, maybe you want to check it again from the

    Lightning bolt for the power to adjacent block, the other icon is for the item transport to adjacent chest;

    I got the same bug, I couldn't seem to fill up all 9 slots of the electric crafting table full of one resource (like carbon cells); the stack at the last slot was always pushed to the adjacent chest thus making the electric buffer useless as it kept on transporting items bypassing the electric crafting table to the next chest.

    Right. The reason Greg backed down on Xytech is because he was told his change would make the game easier, not nerf xytech. Greg can't have that, so he reverted the change.

    I'm sure when and if Xytech has a release he'll make sure to give it a few swings with the nerf bat.

    There's no nerf or anything, because XyCraft was not released by that time (and not even now) and the latest version of GregTech you could get by that time didn't give any compatibility directly, you need the password (which only Greg knew) to get compatibility..

    Very interesting mod (i learned aboot it through ftb). Only ultimate solar helmet is useless since food + underwater supply are missing. i know that this is not bug or glitch but i think that ultimate solar helmer has a brutal recipe and for me it should have atleast one option through the config file to enable that food + underwater supply. :)

    It's not useless, the Grav Suit+Ultimate Solar Helmet is EPIC for long distance travel.. and you can always bring a quantum helmet specifically for underwater activity..

    Hey greg just thought of something, there aren't many uses for carbon cells, why not make it so you can extract oil from it? or even compress the carbon in a compressor to turn it into diamonds or even coal? Or even make it an alternative to coal dust to turn into carbon fiber.

    Actually you can use 9 carbon cells to make carbon fibre, and you will get the empty cells back if you use his electrical crafting engine :thumbup: