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    The EU is the easy part.

    The scrap is the hard part. (If you are using GT, that is.) Then again, the BC filler isn't really good especially because it runs on MJ, not EU. Plus you have to spend a lot of MJ if you want to create glass quickly with BC.

    Other way around, actually; scrap is easy, but energy is the hard part.

    So I'm using the new IC2 development build, and I managed to understand almost everything about it. I also heard of the new matter-generation and cloning system, but I don't know what objects CAN be duplicated. Could somebody please point me in the right direction?

    I know this is rather vague, but I think that in the future there should be more things that NEED to be powered than things that GENERATE it. Now, I know there's quantum suits, matter generators, mining lasers, and miners, but in singleplayer that doesn't really encourage me to work to generate enough energy to power a city. All I have to do is charge up a few Lapotron crystals and boom, I'm done. With that said, I think that there should be additions that encourage players to create more power generators that could help them in the future, for instance a tunnelling laser, defense turrets, or vehicles.

    I know this is redundant and overly suggested, but we need this now. Some of us actually can barely have a good framerate without Optifine installed and it boosts our performance in ways that the regular game would not. I'm not asking to make a dependency or to support all the graphic features of it but please add some kind of compatibility with Optifine so that we can enjoy our game fast and with textures.

    If you REALLY want that, then you'd better get a hell of a lotta HV Transformers, otherwise your cables will burn out. If you want it to run non-stop, then put a lot of redstone repeaters to time it. Those Mark V reactors are very efficient but dangerous at the same time. If you are using single-coolant reactors, it's recommended to use Buildcraft Pipes to transport coolant to the reactor constantly. If you want non-stop regular generators (geothermal, regular, etc.) then use a miner to gather things like coal, a pump to get lava cells, etc. Also, 10252 EU per tick does not mean all reactors must run constantly, even Mark Is need a short amount of time to cool down.

    It DID say "full cycle." I even tested it out myself.

    So, I've devised a few tips and trick for the nuclear reactor not to explode :Nuke TNT: or a reactor that'll burn out your best cables :Cutter::

    -Use neutron reflectors around uranium cells to boost the effieciency.

    -Avoid using quad uranium cells, which are so efficient they'll blow your reactor in less than a minute, unless there are coolant cells and quad cells in columns.

    -Using overclocked heat vents is the best but they self-destruct if there is nothing around to cool them, so use heat exchangers.

    -It is recommended that you use RSH/LZH Condensators, since they take more heat than vents and only need redstone/lapis lazuli to recharge.

    -Heat vents are also good since they also cool down the reactor and themselves, but they can self-destruct if left unattended.

    -When your cables are burning out, then's the time to start using HV-Transformers.

    -It is not possible to have a safe AND extremely efficient reactor. If you want both, then install multiple reactors.

    This is what I have so far. For instance, here's an OK reactor type: http://www.talonfiremage.pwp.b…splezniebrr1r23mxpty0kav4

    I was thinking of having more chances to wrench something out as itself by following a certain method of working and have durability or energy loss by what you want to take down, and have different chances of success depending on the machine. For instance, if I unwrenched an MFSU, it would 95% work and the wrench would only take 3 points of damage. If I wanted to take down a Nuclear Reactor, it would take 10 points and would have an 80% chance of getting it out. Chances vary on the tool type (electric or bronze). As for the method, I thought there should be bolts on the corners and you can unwrench it by following a certain pattern. For instance, I want tot take down a storage thingy. I first take off the right side (where the EU is stored), then the top side, then the bottom, then the front, and last the back.

    Pay absolutely no attention to what you see below. I keep it to tell you of the discussion for my previous idea.


    Diamond wrench

    Diamond wrench is 100 uses more durable and so precise that unwrenched machines cannot drop a machine block.

    Same as the bronze wrench but with diamonds instead of bronze.