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    i think that some strong machines and nuclear reactors should have radiaton method: When you are standing infront of machines for long time or carry uranium in inventory you'll lose health after a while Unless you wear radiation proof suit (Duarbility gets lower when you are standing near the radiation making blocks) .

    and another idea: Fire Detector

    since HV sometimes procduce fire it can cause fire to spread to wooden items.

    this Rstone powerd machine sends a signal to your distant room and alrets you about the fire

    EDIT: and another idea: Steel

    Crafted using iron and coal dusts,stonger than iron and used for tools armor and maybe some new machines.

    Another idea: Nuclear Batteries

    Nuclear batteries: Crafted similar to single use battaries And stronger than Recharged batteries but procduce radiation (as written above)

    P.S Sorry if there are any Grammar mistakes

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    Are you playing on Medieval Rage:yes

    Have you ever been banned:no

    What are the rules:1. You are not allowed to build small towers (1x1) to get on a mountain or a wall

    2. Cheating, flying, x-ray and the other noobish mods are not allowed too

    3. You are not allowed to attack other people during the preparation time (1 week)

    4. The attackers are not allowed to enter the fortress/castle during the preparation time

    5. Griefing is not allowed during the preparation time

    6. The defenders are allowed to enter/leave the castle

    7. Do not destroy redstone wiring!

    8. Not following the rules will cause a ban for the rulebreaker