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    ]GregTech is suppose to Alter the gameplay including any and all mods he deems to be to easy and wants to change it up a bit and make it more challenging. This his how his mod works. You just pretty much said for Greg to fuck off. Don't use his mod if you don't like it. His mode is meant to be a balance to many mods but also provide more things to to end game.

    This guy is a saviour in my books. To many mods have become to easy and boring. FTB and Tekkit are nothing but creative mode packs.

    Greg is one person. Greg does not have any authority over what is 'balanced'. If Greg believes that his opinion supersedes that of the other mod makers, then, yes, Greg should fuck off. Don't call Greg a 'savior'. He already has enough of an apparent god complex as it is. GregTech adds a lot of neat things, but it's polluted by all the things it seeks to 'better'.

    If you want a really challenging game- and this is a serious recommendation- check out Wurm Online.

    I vote for doing it. I am one of the few who enjoy a challenge and think every action should come with a cost or something. A chunk eraser is a tad excessive when you think of servers and the current cost of the frame designs. As always though, a config option helps those who complain.

    I've been trying to get steve's carts to get a config option to adjust the operation cost but he refuses to. I think a top tier drill refilling itself with the coal it finds so you don't have to refuel it is a tad much. I know the cost of it is a lot, but once you get it, creative mode activate.

    There's a big difference between 'enjoy a challenge' and 'arbitrarily harder'. If you wanted to make the game 'extremely challenging', stone tools could be reduced to 4 durability. Energy crystals could require diamond blocks. EU produced by all generators could be reduced by 90%. But there's no point to that. Additional challenge needs to serve a purpose. Seeing how easy it is to get the hydrogen isotopes, I'm almost okay with how expensive the fusion reactor is (though getting the materials is decidedly unfun) because it is a very powerful machine, but an important thing about block breakers is that they don't let you do anything you couldn't do before, and they require frames to be used properly. RedPower has a lot of mental overhead compared to other mods, that I think justifies the cost of the machines.

    RP2 Is out. I wonder how fast till we can nerf frames. Since they are beyond OPed I expect at least we go to space and gather materials for it ;) No seriously though I'm going to chime in and say I feel that its one the most over powered machines :)

    The second this happens is the second I remove GregTech from my server and just make my own version of his mod, because frankly that'd be less work than trying to get the materials for his 'revised' recipes.

    Would make my UUM-Assembler useless => Denied.

    Your UUM-Assembler is already useless. As are most of your inventory management devices. All they do are things that Redpower and Buildcraft are already very much capable of doing, except you make the operations cost a lot of EU.

    Lower Tier = Lightning Rod Controller with one Fence
    Higher Tier = Lightning Rod Controller with more Fences

    The Lightning Rod cant be made cheaper, as otherwise every Component inside would melt.

    Assuming the fences bit was a joke, I'm sure you could find a way to make it work. A tower of iron would be an effective lightning rod whether or not some voltage box was attached to the bottom. Some 'extreme insulator' block built from some amalgam of rubber could lower the lightning's power to an acceptable voltage, the rest of the power being diverted into the ground (Like with an actual lightning strike.)

    Recycling is already a bit OP. Increasing the Efficiency I wont. ~Yoda

    There are two kinds of efficiencies. Material and electrical. This sacrifices electrical efficiency for material efficiency. Making it as long if not longer than 64 regular operations would be acceptable too.

    First off, let me just say, I'm really happy to find someone who sort of agrees with me. I often feel like I'm just talking to a wall.

    I will say that the industrial centrifuge, and industrial electrolyzer are both great machines. They're probably the best part about this mod. But once you start building casings for bigger machines, I really feel that things turn into a trudge for ingredients, and even worse is when you complete the blast furnace only to find out that you need to make it better before it actually becomes useful. (If you don't have Metallurgy or Railcraft, this is your only source of steel though, which sort of justifies it, but Greg has already implicitly endorsed those mods by requiring the rolling machine, and by making Metallurgy metals dust-compatible.)

    When I first griped about GregTech many pages back, it was just from looking at the recipes. I hoped that once I actually made one of the big machines like the Matter Fabricator, the catharsis from achieving that would make it worth it, and motivate me to get to the next machine. It did not. The feeling from getting the Matter Fabricator was 'wonderful. I guess I'll just leave that here then.' And now I just wait for UU-Matter to accumulate.

    Aluminum is definitely nice for mixed-metal ingots, but only because you get more out of it. I currently have enough iron for whatever I'm doing due to pyrite dust, so it doesn't make sense to substitute it elsewhere. Although it helps that I already have a tank, and I'm not using solar panels (Just because geothermal is more convenient for me.)

    Agreed, I only needed eight chrome ingots to make the Matter Fabricator, that wasn't so bad, especially when I found out I could use redstone to get the ruby dust. But the fusion reactor is just unreasonable. And it's all or nothing. It would be so much better to have the fusion reactor follow the blast furnace's design, with the fusion reactor on its own still being able to operate, and then additional coils increases the amount of recipes you can use.


    Here are things I think need to change:

    Two tiers of fabricators: The first functions as the matter fabricator does now at default config, only accepts scrap, requires scrap to run, produces UU-Mass, and should be about as difficult to make as the mass fabricator. The second requires 1/100th of the energy that the first does, can accept many different forms of amplifier, though it still requires it to run, produces IUU-Mass, and is as difficult to make as the matter fabricator.

    UU-Mass functions almost identically to UU-Matter did in vanilla Industrialcraft 2. IUU-Mass produces extra amounts of mundane items when crafted, is capable of producing the GregTech gems and dusts, and can be crafted with other items that act as a catalyst. (Instead of 9 UU-Matter for a diamond, you can use a coal + 8 IUU-Mass surrounding it, or something to that effect.)

    I've already discussed the changes that need to be made to the fusion coil.

    Make the spending of iridium worthwhile. Iridium should be used because it's indestructible and the item calls for it. Why does a 'data control circuit' require an iridium plate? To make it arbitrarily more difficult to make? I understand the quantum armor, and the iridium neutron reflector, and even the superconductor, as iridium is, in fact, a super conductor below certain temperatures, but a 'data control circuit' doesn't sound like it merits one.

    Which leads me to my next point. More uses for aluminum. Instead of aluminum machine blocks, let an aluminum block get pressed into a plate and used as a substitute for iridium plates in items that simply don't need indestructible material or a superconductor. Aluminum armor and tools would be fine too, as it's a light, strong metal.

    And I know I already brought this up ages ago, but I think multiple tiers of lightning rods would be rather enjoyable. (Specifically, two lower tiers.)

    Oh, and let casing be upgradable. Some recipe to go from standard to reinforced to advanced would, I think, make things nicer.

    Now, as far as new things are concerned, I only have one suggestion: Industrial Recycler. Let people recycler entire stacks of items, yielding 12-20 scrap, taking eight times as long as a regular recycle operation but consuming 64 EU/t.

    Well, at least the link to the download file is death now..

    @Be cell, hmm endermen farming in the end.. interesting....or you can just use the ender bees..or use soulshard mod+kills 1000 endermen..or if it's that hard you can always use EE3, 1 ender pearl per 4 irons..

    That's besides the point. Dedicating yourself to a single item like that isn't fun. Or rewarding. Starting out in Industrialcraft was fun. Copper, tin, and iron, were all necessary starting ingredients, but you would find them all while exploring the same caves. Even once you went to go look for uranium, you could still use those metals. Not to mention redstone, gold, and lapis. Industrialcraft is built intelligently, in that acquisition of new materials usually resulted in opportunities to gather more lower-tiered materials along the way. When you grew out of using coal as a fuel, you started using it as either solar panel material, or to make carbon fiber plates.

    GregTech is not built nearly as intelligently. Aluminum dust is an extremely common byproduct, but aluminum ingots have very few uses except to replace refined iron- but when I first got the ability to make those ingots, it was difficult enough to make them that I didn't want to use it for anything other than the things only it can do, which is, basically, batteries. And once it becomes trivial to make aluminum ingots, I'll have more than enough iron, so what's the point? Chrome and titanium are even worse. They're essential for a bunch of machines, but only ruby dust and bauxite produce them, respectively. It was time-consuming and laborious to produce my first matter fabricator, but Greg got rid of the only thing that made the mass fabricator special (iridium) and replaced it with expensive ways to get things I could get by exploring. And the technological leap to the next useful machine is so great that I might as well not bother.

    Don't be a n00b and whine for the highest tier item in the game to be made easier. Just build a fully automated enderman killer, and you'll receive dozens of pearls a second.

    All one is is a platform in the end that is located out of chunk loading range of the island. Run high voltage cables in the floor. Due to location, dozens of endermen will spawn there per second, and they die to the extreme voltage you run through the cables. (you can generate the power you need with wind mills)

    Collect the pearls on the ground somehow, I think one of the gregtech blocks sucks items up, if not, figure something out.

    Is that seriously what it takes? That's horrendous. And your proposed solution to get all those pearls is terrible. You might as well have a high-tier item that takes a million dirt to make. You can just farm all the dirt with quarries, right?

    As I'm usually antagonistic in this thread, I'd like to take a moment to be constructive and say that I really do enjoy the myriad of dusts and materials processing this addon allows. I feel like everything I collect now has a use, and that's something I appreciate greatly.

    However, as you responded, this has become a discussion.

    I don't know which programmers you've been hanging out with, but every programmer I know, including myself, I'd like to think, is emotionally mature, especially when it comes to representing themselves to the public.

    You may hear criticism, but you certainly don't listen to it.

    Compromise with the Technic team, apparently. Instead of taking your issues up with the people doing things you have a problem with, you decided to go after your users. You demand that the other party in question goes out of their way to talk to you, instead of being proactive and talking to them like an adult.

    And thinking that your ideas are the only ones that matter fulfills all of the previous three descriptions. There are a lot of people in this thread complaining about the way you do things. There's a reason for that.

    And there's no legitimate difference between 'addon' and 'mod' unless you're saying that IC2 doesn't add content, or, alternatively, that Gregtech doesn't modify anything.

    Elitist asshat, how? He made the mod, he can choose who uses it. If I made a study group (for lack of a better example) and excluded someone from it because they drag the group down with their lack of understanding, am I an elitist asshat for not letting them join? Also, what comment by KakerMix? I have yet to see anything like that yet.

    Greg is a decent programmer, but ultimately he's childish, responds poorly to criticism, and is unwilling to compromise. His opinions are not only the most important, but the only ones of importance, and anyone who disagrees with him is wrong. It's a terrible mindset to have, especially for someone whose only claim to 'fame' is through an addon for an addon.

    Again, I know there's iridium in the ground, but the only way to find it is with dumb luck/giant quarries to the point that it's not worth the effort.

    It's a little disappointing that this addon requires so many other mods to work properly. Especially because I already have a mod with platinum but platinum dust apparently doesn't exist. Regardless, I'd rather not also install metallurgy because I already have five instances of copper and tin each and they're polluting caves, even with Mystcraft, which I absolutely use.

    This is still terrible design, though. "Yeah, you can get iridium reasonably. As long as you download a completely unrelated addon just for the sake of getting platinum."

    Just config this little thing. Disable Matterfabricator recipe.

    The problem is, the default configuration is the one that represents the game. I shouldn't have to reconfigure the mod, and neither should what looks like the majority of the mod users. I'm not criticizing the mod based on my personal preferences, I'm criticizing its design objectively, and I find it to be in need of a retooling.

    @Iridiumdiscoussion: Seriously? I made a Config to avoid that Discoussion. I made it for almost everything whats worth it. I know that almost everything needs Iridium, but as soon as you have the High-Tech up and running you can make TONS of Iridium from Matterfabrication. The "requiring rare Stuff to make more of it" is 100% intended, and when i remove the Iridiumneed of a Component, then i replace it with another rare Material.

    This is the problem, though. It's all or nothing. There's no middle ground. And, frankly, I think you need to learn to make a distinction between 'rare' materials and 'late game' materials. I shouldn't need the Matter Fabricator to get the materials needed to make the Matter Fabricator. This addon could be so much more enjoyable if it followed a more incremental advancement plan.

    True, true. But you could raise the prob to 80%, although high, it would still be hard to find.

    I agree. That's why my suggestion isn't to increase the density of iridium ore, rather, make it easier to obtain incrementally. You don't mine machineblock ore, you mine iron, and convert the iron ingots individually until you have enough to make a machine block. My suggestion is to do to iridium what IndustrialCraft did to diamonds. Have a chain of processing machines that eventually result in (After a lot of time and expended resources) an iridium ore. Something key, though, is to make each intermediate form (Iridium sliver, iridium shard, whatever you want to call them.) have some use, so you aren't just wasting your time if you don't have every single link in the chain up and running.

    Additionally/alternatively, have a device that makes it possible to track down iridium.

    you would find iridium more than you would find slimes (Slime chunks generate at 10% chance

    The difference is that a slime chunk will reliably spawn slimes so long as certain conditions are fulfilled, while an iridium chunk will contain a single iridium ore block. And you can tell you're in a slime chunk much more easily than you can tell you're in an iridium chunk. Just listen for the sploosh sploosh.