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    I loved Gregtech back when I was playing FTB Monster but when I installed the latest version in FTB Infinity, the game crashed with this error:

    I'm trying to see how to fix this but as sick as I am today, I can grasp how to go about doing that. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

    I like the Gregtech Machines and really want to install this again, since I haven't play MC in quite a while, but I want to know if the Ore Generation that the mod uses can be disabled so as not to generate new ore and I won't have to make a new world. Can your machine use other ores from other mods to be built or run?


    you can enable the regular ic2 machines in the gt config files.

    Did that and it didn't work. Changed everything related to the Macerator and still I get no recipe. I disabled GregTech to see if I could get the recipe and I did. What exact lines do I need to change?

    Removing the config files and starting over again to see if I can get this to work.

    Nope, didn't work. Had to completely delete the config files as I got double entries for everything.

    I can't enable the Macerator, nor can I get the recipe for it. I need that machine to create the Rotary Macerator from Advanced Machines. There are also some machines that this mod removes, like the Electric Furnace that's needed for another machine.

    How do I enable them for the GregTech mod for 1.6.4?