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    I used to something similar with EE and lava buckets. I believe it also required the addition pipes BC mod.

    I'm in the process of making of making a generator room based on this on my neighborhood server. 128 EU/t expandable in blocks of 64 or 128 EU. The only thing about it is that it is expensive. ~80 buckets, 64 water generators, 8 bat boxes, and the red power items. The very painful part is the 8 ender pearls. I can never seem to find them.

    Or... it is complete, and all these new ores are useless?

    That's even worse.

    The impression that I get is that she has a full three tiered design already planned. Because of this she added the ores that will be needed for higher levels of the tech tree. She is doing pre-releases of RP2 to do things like track bugs. Personally after playing with the RP2 pipes in their current state vs the BC pipes with the additional pipes mode, I am leaning more towards the BC pipes. However the breaker and the placer/use item machine are great. They are a good tool to add if you like building contraptions.

    I am certain it was not directly below the miner. It was on the same level. I have an abandoned mine the size of new york under my base. I can try and setup a more controlled test if you would like.

    Thanks Drashian. I was shooting for 10 so you saved me a goodly bit of resources.

    Altaree I have the initial parts up and running. There are a few quirks with the timing and item routing. Also is mostly red power pieces. Is it ok to post things that are not primarily IC here?

    I don't know if anyone else has encountered this. I had a miner with two pumps and a regular drill that stopped at an unusually high level, Y32. So I pulled the pipes out went down and moved the whole mining operation down so I could see what was going on. It looked like when ever there was a harvestable block behind a web the miner just stopped. I cleared the webs and restarted the miner and it ran all the way down to the bedrock.

    Now I had added a few block IDs to my ICConfig to pick up the other stuff in the new caves. Wood planks, torches, the RedPower ores and even railtracks are picked up by the miner just fine. I don't know if this is a bug and I should report it or what. I assume that the extra IDs wouldn't be supported. Does any one have any suggestions?

    The only thing I can think of is that there is a possible meta ID that I am missing. I know that the full format is blockID-metaID:value. The line from my config is below.

    valuableOres=14:3, 15:4, 16:1, 21:3, 56:5, 73:3, 247:4, 248:2, 249:2, 120:2, 122:1, 85:1, 5:1, 66:1, 50:1, 30:1

    Quick silly question. Does any one know the max height of rubber trees? The wood part that is. I am working on an auto harvester contraption in game and would prefer to neither use too many block breakers nor have that one piece of wood left over at the top.

    Tanaris: That sounds awesome. Looking at the Zepplin's thread it seems like I would need to mess around with the config files of it to get it to recognize the IC blocks. Did you have to do that?

    Well I've started with this a few days ago. I love it. One the things I was curious about though was machine power consumption. The rate of power passing over wires and its use in things like bat boxes and converters is fairly well documented, however how the machines use it isn't. I would like to get some of the details on how the machines actually use the energy they are absorbing to better setup my circuits and factories.

    This is how I understand the flow. So each machine has an input slot, a fuel slot, an output slot and what looks like a fuel/power reserve. When the reserve is not full it draws power from any input wires at, I'm guessing, up to 32 Eu/t for normal machines then adds it to the reserve. When an item is put in the machine's input slot it draws power from the reserve at some unknown rate per tick to process the next step of the input item into the output. If the reserve reaches empty the machine needs to wait until there is enough energy in the reserve to process the next step.

    What I am interested in is that unknown rate per tick that the machine draws energy from its reserve. If you could insure that the current flowing into the machine was equal to the current that was drawn by the machine to do its processing you could insure that you wouldn't empty out your reserve and spend time waiting for the machine to get more energy. Or does none of this matter and I'm making a big deal out of nothing?