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    Heya Thunderdark,

    I was thinking about MFFS from a server admin perspective and came to a surprising conclusion.

    Unless I missed something somewhere it is currently not possible to have a "op" or even someone in creative mode bypass the security fields kill functions. This could be abused to a extend where one could for instance create a lag machine deliberately and destroy server tick rate and make it impossible for a server operator to fix the issue by killing anything that comes near the field.

    Currently the only solution I can think of is either risk using MCEdit and potentially destroy a complete region file or remove MFFS temporarily and risking destroying someones legitimate MFFS builds. In both cases the "griefer" was successful and causing grief.

    It would be grand if a MFFS bypass list could be added so that when this issue arises one could utilize this to counter any grief this griefer would be capable of causing.

    hhmm I just realized that lowering the MFFS damages in the config might work in these cases however there still is the issue of people that are in creative mode being killed instantly by MFFS.

    Either way keep up the good work and especially have fun!

    Dear GregoriusT,

    I kindly solicit a more endangering experience by means of various detrimental effects and volatile experiences related to some of your materials (dusts, bars, etc) being contained in a users inventory.

    For example: Bucket of Lava (or flint and steel) and Sulfur Dust in inventory equals the player being lit a blaze slowly consuming the sulfur.
    Same can be done with for instance magnesium dust though I'd say it would burn more violently and thus consume the dusts quicker and hurt the player faster.

    Possibly even just a uranium bar giving Radiation (IC2 Debuff) for a short period (Uranium cells being contained might not).

    Then along the same idea of hurting players I thought about Thermite. This however requires oxides and well Greg Tech currently has none. Now the possible idea I had with thermite would be that if the player has one of the oxide dusts and one of the normal dusts that would form thermite in their inventory they could accidentally ignite it if they have a bucket of lava (or flint and steel) in their inventory and thus burn through the ground they are standing on with lava. Yes replace the block below the player with lava *evilgrin*. This effect could potentially continue until there is no longer a thermite reaction possible from the elements in the players inventory.

    Now you also have various highly reacting elements in cells like Lithium, Sodium, etc. With those one could do a similar gig with just water buckets. Though these elements are in cells and might be protected by it. Now what would happen if you deliberately threw one of these cells in water?

    I'm positive some additional effects can be concocted. I'm far from a chemist or at all familiar with all possible reactions one might be able to apply with these materials but I think with just the above examples people (including yourself) might be able to come up with a few neat effects as well.

    Now I don't want to make player death completely unavoidable but adding the need to actually think about what you carry in combination with the materials already in your inventory might add a new unique challenge to Greg Tech.

    The potential hate you might receive from implementing of any of these ideas is in no way my fault :P Though if you wish you can refer the blame to me. I'm used to being called evil and I think you are getting used to that as well :P.

    No matter if you implement some of these ideas or not I will still like and use your addon since it changes the gameplay of IC2 to be new and exciting (and also challenging).

    Anyway, Have "Fun"!

    -- CyaNox