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    Some of you have been talking about Blutricity to eu, how is this done exactly?
    I know you can transfer Bt-Mj with her engine, but how about Mj-eu?
    Unless the electric engine has changed, i am a tad flummuxed lol.
    (also, is there info on her engine's conversion rates?)
    Loving the new additions greg, furthermore, i am very curious as to what this game you are making is about.
    Anything by you i am sure i would love :)

    Hi mate if you look at the Transformers addon for ic2 that is what you need it gives more engines and has higher powered MJ Generators ( forget the exact name ) that converts MJ to IC2

    RP2 to MJ to IC2

    but i do not think there is IC2 to RP2 thats the only link missing or even MJ to RP2 ( blue electric ) but the wind turbines make a lot of Blue Electric by using the windmills in RP2 PR6 and using the RP2 HV 10k Transformer you can build the windmill really high.

    Did you do clean install of all mods (with deleting all the configs)? I haven't got any ID conflict with any forge mods I got (50 mods) except for RP2 and Factorization item IDs..(including both versions of Advanced Machines).. I thought Forge had the block ID auto assign thing..oh well..

    yes i slowly been building my private pack for sometime now, and all the ids i had was fresh i believe i stated that.

    i dont use autoids simply because i want to have compatablity for example if i download say a map from the net i can run it with no problems.

    I simply stated that the default IDS of Advanced Machines and GregTech id is the same and offered an alternative id if anyone or even him self would like to use it as alll the mods i have are nearly default block ids.

    i also believe forge Auto ID is off by Default and Red Power 2 has also got this option off by default.

    would you be able to pm me your mod list please i will start to compile my mod list for you if you like as we might have different mods, i might be missing some good ones.
    i also have a full ID dump file if you would like that?

    Thanks for reminding me about Snykes7 mod Factorisation.

    This mod works very well, i have not tried all items as yet but most i am happy with the additions to IC2.

    i did change id's to get this compatable with other mods i had installed i was a little shocked to see they are ic2 id's that conflicted.

    i have 51 mods installed, i can give anyone the list of mods or your self if you need to see for compatablity.

    the ids i used for your mod

    block {

    These id's are just a little lower then the ic2 range but works well and are not used by any other mods that i know of. PS most of the mods i installed are default configs. i have only changed 5 of the 51 mods.

    short list of mods i have installed.

    Red Power 2 PR6 by Eloraam Major mod
    IC2 2_.112.170-lf Major mod
    Advanced Machines ( this is the id that your mod wanted to take. ) 4061 addon for ic2
    CompactSolars 1.4.6- addon for ic2
    Advanced Solar Panels 3.3.2 addon for ic2
    Transformers 1.7A addon for ic2
    Mod GraviSuite 1.6 addon for ic2
    liquidUU 0.7.10 addon for ic2
    RailCraft Major mod
    Buildcraft 3.3.0 Major Mod
    Forestry Major mod
    ComputerCraft 1.48 Major Mod
    StevesCarts 2.0.0.a40 Major mod.
    Thermal Expansion 2.1.6 Major mod.

    and many more i give you the list in hope to help in someway with dev as these mods can work with your mod.

    Red Power 2 seems to function well with your mod i have no found any problems.
    BuildCraft pipes also seems to work with no problems.
    Forestry had a ID conflict with its soil ID. 4060 <<< but i believe 4000 to 5000 should be for IC2.

    i give your mod 9/10

    you lost 1 point for blockids especially when these ids are apart of ic2.

    the items added by your mod are a lot of fun and add complexity , sexyness , geekyness to Ic2.
    was very very happy with the toys added with your mod.
    your configuration files where very clean oragnised and well writen.
    I have not found any bugs as yet :thumbup:

    Keep up the great work. :thumbup:

    2012-12-27 23:27:53 [WARNING] [IC2] API ERROR: snyke7.Transformers.TileICEngine@28c95578 didn't implement demandsEnergy() properly, no energy from injectEnergy accepted although demandsEnergy() returned true.

    Please note i was using Transformers7A i will not update server and client with 7b and try the same thing again.

    i am sorry i did not post more of the log due to the fact my server spammed 42Mb Log file i still going through the data this is why SSD is bad lol, the server was up 5mins.

    Solution i destroyed all the engines on the map.

    the engine was the fast electric engine.

    Problem. The engine tries to run when there is no EC in the line.

    For example i have glass fibre cable connected to a MFSU then break power glass fibre and there is a redstone signal to engine so it is on the engine still tries to work but cant get power.

    Transformers 1.7B
    Fixed the error i was getting thanks.

    Well that is what i think anyway, i will load the latest version now.

    PS i am using forge x.373 on MC 1.4.6
    mods installed.
    IC2 1.112.170-lf
    IC2 4.7a
    compact solar 3.2.0
    advanced solar panels 3.3.2
    grav suit 1.6
    power convertors 1.4.1
    RedPower 2.0PR6
    Stevescarts 2.0.0a40
    BuildCraft 3.3.0
    Petroleum Gen 1.1

    many more but none that should effect this mod.
    if you need any more input let me know.
    Downloading Transformers 1.7B :thumbup:

    (off topic) oh funny thing in RailCraft, i found a Enderman in the water tank i thought that was really funny.

    first off i am using tekkit pack coz i am lazy hahaha anyway the buffer using the same id, but due to your good programing it made a config file and i was able to change the block id, first mod i seen that normaly when you add in a mod and you have block id conflict the computer explods and then a block hole opens not with your mod everything went in smooth

    For anyone else who is lazy and using Tekkit, here is my config file.

    # Configuration file
    # Generated on 6/12/12 9:41 PM

    # block

    block {

    # general

    general {

    # item

    item {

    I personaly use the Soartex pack is it ok i look into modding this texture pack to add your Advanced Solar Panels, plus i plan to alpha blend the textures as well, i will be happy to give you a copy of the texture pack ect.
    Version i am using is 3.0.0 for MC 1.2.5
    i notice the quantum device was missing is that because of version i am using or did i miss something?

    Thanks for a Great Addon to IC2 10/10.

    Now I have to get redpower!

    yes red power is very good mod well writen only frams can be buggy sometimes if you have tooo many but thats another storie

    Red Power and Industrial Craft are the two mods that i cant live with out.

    buildcraft has some cool things too and alot of them interact with Industrial craft.

    I would love to see Industrial craft come out with some sort of large scale steam turbine power plant, but thats another topic.

    i added a pic of what i mean by lumination, here is the photo again as you can see the tile does not glow but the area around it does, but when it flashes you can see clearly the tile will light up why can it be lit up constantly on the TILE as well as light the Surrounding Area.

    In this screen you will see the Industrial craft illuminator and a Red Power lamp notice the lamp lights from its tiles and the surrounding area?.
    or are we going to say thats too real if the Tile given off light as well as the Surrounding area because it would be too realistic?

    Please look at the screen below

    i have the screens taken from my city why i talked about the illiuminators.

    Please notice the tile does not emit light only the surrounding area, but when it flashs it does imit a glow on the TILE, why cant it emit a steady glow from the tile when powered?

    in the photo there is a Redstone lamp there great they emit light from the lamp as well as the surrounding area but they take up a lot of room thus i use the IC2 Illiminators in places where i just need a tile light but wondered why they not emit light from the Tile ( source ) and only light up the area?

    ok i not think you understand, i have lots of screens, i can email you but anyway, YES i know red stone will invert a transformer but if it facing the right way it will Switch it off (because the power will have no where to go)

    how can it expload if the low voltage side expossed to the MFSU that was what i was saying......

    think about it. normaly to invert a transformer you have the low voltage side I.E 1 dot for input your 3 pin for your output and add redstone to that you have a invertor but if you have it facing the other way around it will switch off, it does it for all grades of transformers but the HV seem to work different.

    The other fact is that if you this config. Power line MV --> HV you should not be able to get high voltage again even if you put redstone to it.

    Why you ask? take a real invertor for example The transformer is pulsed from a micro controller that uses transitors to switch the transformer on and off (some use a 3 pin transformer others use 2 pin) we will use the basic 3 pin config, the middle pin is connected to power + say a 12volt car batt the 2nd and 3rd pins are connected to those transistors that will connect to - and there gate connects to the micro controller and it will switch them on and off to generate 50 to 60 hz so power will flow via the transistors to allow the power to flow to - (like a see-saw effect).

    so we have our test setup, the car batt we using is 12volts 100amps. so at this end you will have 1200watts, (12v x 100a = 1200watts) on the 240 v side (high voltage ) you will less then 1200watts due to the fact you will loose some energy in the convertion due to transistors disapating heat, and the transformer it self will bleed off watts in the form of heat.

    so why i explain this?

    simple you can not get more power out of anything then you put in, if you do, you will be the richest person in the world and be able to have every women you want LOL, as you would have made a over unity machine or propetial motion machine that would never stop making power.

    how this relates to a mod on a game, from what i seen of industrial craft they have set out to make there mod as real as possible just in a blocky universe, that has a little less tech then we do!.

    so thus by using a Mv transformer to HV you would more likely get the LV range, if the transformer was powered by redstone you would to simulate a invertor effect you would just get HV but a little less then 512EU, thus i stated that there is a little problem with the transformers.

    as for the illumenators well i have screens for that, and even have a screen of them next to a device called a lamp from redpower mod that gives off light from the block, as well as lights the surrounding area as i am sure the illuminator is ment to do.

    i am not sure you read all i wrote with transformers, the problem i seen was that a MV transformer connected to a HV transformer with no redstone or pulse become HV and i was saying that does not make sense with out redstone pusle.

    oops on industrial info panels.

    but when they run low they flash and emit ligh

    That's completely intentional, they need EU to run, if they run out of EU and continuously receive EU from wires, it's completely logical that they would alternate from off to on states.

    understand that they would flash on and off as they have a charge but i was talking about the block it self, that bright flash is how it should look on but when there on i just get the light emiting around them, thus i asked the question why not have the FLASH state constant as you can see the light from the tile. " when the title is in the flash state it is bright and looks like a light in the off state it looks off but it also looks like that when it has power as well. i will get some screens maybe that would help.

    Hi all i do not know the mission statement word for word but i am sure you guys set out to make industrial craft close to real life as possible or at leased having been based on reality please guys i not having a go just pointing out some things that i have noticed with Industrial craft please keep in mind i am using Tekkit 3.1.2

    First of all i really love what you guys have done with IndustrialCraft i have a lot of fun but just some things i find really strange.

    I have built a Industrial City Fully working lights in all buildings streets, working reactors ect, industrial buildings with crazy machines all running from a power grid. i.e like in real life even setup power meters on peoples buildings with a fuse box using lever and a Tranformer.

    that works fine and looks good, but i have a building that usings multiple transformers and i found a really odd thing about them, if you connect a HV transformer then a MV-Transformer you get what you would expect HV been steped down to MV voltage however if you add a HV to MV back to HV you get HV with out using any redstone? i found that odd because transformers dont work that way basically if you where to do that you would get a lower voltage ( EU )

    how ever if you pulsed the Transformer or given redstone to the last transformer been a HV that would make more sence as it would turn the transformer into a Invertor thus increasing the voltage back to HV at the cost of current.

    My question is this, is this a oversight in the way transformers work or was it done on purpose to make it simple for people?.

    Second thing i have noticed i really like luminators especially for car parks in my city where 1 block between each level is the max i can have and with foam i can cover the wires in a foam block, but i notice they not put out light on the tile it self but when they run low they flash and emit light.(please note i am talking about the block it self not the surrounding light that they Emit as that does work fine.

    Question is that a bug or oversight as well?

    I think it would be nice if the block lit up like the RED power lamp blocks, but keeped in its tile form as that is so handy.

    Industrial Information Panels.

    LOVE THEM i use them as meters on buildings and to monitor reactors.

    is it possible to make a none Wireless version where u place a physical sensor on the reactor or MFSU ( or anyother EU storage ) and use a wire IE redstone or redpowers insulated wires?

    Reason, i have two monitoring stations for my Reactor one near the reactor the other in the office block above the reactor (100 blocks+ ) as my rector is underground.

    Thank you for the long read, sorry for my grammer as its not my skill. LOL.

    Keep up the great work with Industrial Craft and i will keep making crazy machines that may destroy the world and completely add to global warming.... :D

    Final ask is there a possibilty to convert EU to blue Electric used in the Red Power Mod and another block in reverse?.