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    Any ETA on an update of this to 1.4.6? Love this mod and can't update to 1.4.6 without it.

    I understand the sentiment. Though I feel like for the functionality of the analysis machine, it should either have multiple input and output slots, process the seed completely in one pass (even if made even slower), or both. You can't really see any information past the "seed type" stage until final processing anyway, and running back to my workstation to swap out seeds ends up being more tedious than swapping out and recharging batteries, which can at least be stockpiled. Admittedly, exchanging seeds probably isn't as big a deal for anyone with automation mods, but when you have to do it all by hand, it matters.

    Either way, my solution to the "update situation" has been to take a break from agriculture, so I'll just be cheating in a replacement machine with NEI after the update. ;)

    I'm not entirely sure if I'm allowed to do this, but since the API was included in the Beta I have made a mod request on Curse's official Minecraft forums. I'm just asking for something to go with the brewing/farming aspect of the mod, and add more things to make, but I wanted to let it be known I am doing this. I don't seem to be able to post links, which is understandable, but means I cannot directly show the page to have someone look to see if I'm overstepping any boundaries. It is posted under my "AnonTheMouse" username, mod requests section, plenty of search tags if someone needs to okay this. If it wasn't kosher, just let me know so I can have the thread closed down. If, on the other hand, it is fine (and if anyone is interested in taking on the request), also let me know.

    Pardon my asking (I do hope this is an appropriate place to do so), but could someone tell me roughly how stable this beta is? I recently had an epiphany that a number of the features in Industrialcraft fit perfectly with things I wanted to do, and have been looking/waiting for mods for, but I'm already updated to 1.4.5. So, I'm wondering if it's worth diving right in with the beta, or if waiting for the release version to come out is my best bet.