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    Hey Greg,

    I would like to say, I absolutely love your addon, it is simply amazing, and the sheer amount of new things to build and design is great fun. There is just one small suggestion that several of my friends and I would love to see happen. The rock cutter, on its own, is an amazing tool. The one thing that would make it even more amazing, is if we could use it in a Miner to basically silk touch everything on the way down (So we don't lose out on the precious iridium/redstone/lapis/etc). This functionality would come at the price of proportionally larger EU costs per item mined, as well as a longer delay between breaking blocks (similar to the difference between diamond drill and regular, just longer).

    TL;DR: Rock cutter + Miner + more EU = pure amazingness. Thanks for taking the time to read,


    If you are worried about balance, why not make a crafting recipe that takes 9 rotten flesh and makes one "Untanned Leather", which you can then take and put in a furnace to create 1 leather? That way, we don't have to worry about it becoming a much easier way of getting leather, while still putting a rather useless item to work for something that can come in handy.

    Honestly, since the addition of xp for smelting something in a furnace, vanila enchantments have been broken. If you have buildcraft, you can put an obsidian pipe in front of an induction furnace, take something like refined iron, and throw it into the obsidian pipe. When you open up the machine interface, it will be in the output slot, which you can then take (getting a good amount of xp), and throw back into the pipe. Do this for all of 2 minutes, and you can get any enchantment you like, such as the amazing Power V Flame I Infinity I bow, or a Sharpness V, Looting III diamond sword (assuming your using an enchanting table and an anvil). Who hunts mobs nowadays anyway =)

    I don't have much experience maintaining Wikis, but if I was told what needed to be changed, I would be happy to keep the wiki more up to date (like taking out those old useless tutorials that are completely irrelavant to the new IC2). As a computer programmer, this project seems like a nice side activity, and would love to help out this community and mod that has brought me so many hours of entertainment.

    Thanks for the quick reply,


    Honestly, the best thing I have found useful from the mining laser, is using the explosive shot to break entire areas of glowstone at once, and letting it rain down to where I can collect it. That way, I don't have to worry about making annoying towers, staircases, or waste my time building a jetpack.

    I have searched through the entire section of this forum, and have not found anything on this subject, so I guess its time I post it. I have noticed that on the Wiki navbar, the Hazmat suit (chest, legs, and scuba helm) are missing. I tried to go in and edit them in myself, since it would be a very simple fix... but the page is protected, and can only be editted by an admin. My only request is that it gets added, so people like me don't miss the fact that it has even been implemented.