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    A more realistic Replacement. I will add better Automation Devices later.

    All you really need now is an electric auto-building machine (+associated infrastructure).

    Also, the translocator only works in a range of 1 block, whereas the BC pipes can stretch miles. A more realistic replacement might be Conveyor Belts (you see those in factories all the time) that propel the items sitting on top of them in a given direction.

    Anyway, keep up the good work!

    So I got a server (1.4.5) with minecraft forge latest, installed industrialcraft, and fired it up. It gave some weird warnings about blocks provided by IC having numbers below 256 (IDK what that is, but it turns out to be bad). Then I tried to install buildcraft. I put the buildcraft jar in the mods/ folder and fired it up. Then it crashed horribly, leaving behind this Minecraft crash report. the most important part seems to be this:


    java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Slot 4095 is already occupied by when adding

    looks to be a conflict between IC's blocks and buildcraft's blocks. Bug?

    full crash report:

    So I got the latest industrialcraft and made an SMP server and client using Minecraft forge, on the minecraft 1.3.2 release with IC2 v1.106. All has been well until now -
    jetpacks can't thrust upwards. This only happens in multiplayer - in singleplayer on the same modded client they work fine. What's interesting is that they're not completely broken - they do consume fuel as I hold down the space key, even though I'm just jumping in place, and also, if I put the jetpack in hover mode, It will slow down my fall if i jump off a cliff, as hover mode should. Still can't thrust upwards though. This problem occurs with both electric and chemical-fueled jetpacks.

    Here is my file. I do have allow-fly set to true.