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    Um maybe you just didn't understand me. All you have to do is add ONLY 1 forcicium to get some FE in the Capacitor, once you have the FE in the capacitor, you can then disconnect the extractor or even remove the extractor and have the capacitor only hooked up to the converter and it will FOREVER make EU without EVER consume any of the FE in the capacitor. No additional FE added to the Capacitor, it just goes on and on and on like the energizer bunny.

    I tried this in a test world and wasn't able to duplicate the results. I connected a high voltage array to an extractor with glass fibre cable, linked the extractor to a capacitor, linked a convertor to the capacitor. Last I connected the convertor to an MFSU with more glass fibre cable. I put one forcicium in the extractor and converted it all to FE. I turned on the convertor and it drained all the FE from the capacitor then stopped. I didn't get infinite EU from it.

    Tried it with and with the same results. Maybe it's a specific configuration?

    I can't imagine a machine with only one purpose. I've already suggested it, but what about a "Rolling Compressor" that could turn Sugar Canne into Paper + BioFuel, would make 1 carbon plate for 3 Coal Dust etc ... But, that couldn't be the same machine as the "Sawmill". This one needs to be low-tech, and able to produce some Energy via byproducts and making you save some ressources by "efficient crafting".

    Doh, forgot about wood pulp. I agree, a machine with only one purpose would be silly. Well, whatever you come up with I'm sure will be epic.

    Crafting paper should be a more complex operation that putting three sugar canes next to each other.

    How about adding a pulp mill and paper machine to GregTech? Maybe a multiblock that requires water, chemicals and EU to turn any kind of cellulose material (sugar cane, wood, wool, etc) into a new material, pulp. Then a paper machine to turn the pulp to paper. Just an idea.