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    Another thingy report, this time from Traincraft, just three things this time:

    Ah, thanks a lot.

    Also, this is normal to be in the log right, and not an ID conflict? I mean I figured you overrode some IC2 stuff so I assumed this was fine (as Railcraft seems to have something similar for

    1. [ItemTracker] The mod Railcraft is overwriting existing item at 328 (uv from Minecraft) with railcraft.common.carts.ItemCartVanilla

    , which makes perfect sense to me)?:

    That's just Railcraft overriding the normal vanilla minecraft carts with vanilla Railcraft versions. I believe it's so you can make the carts from RC steel if it's been enabled in the config. Perfectly normal.

    It's not exactly Star Trek canon, but transporters might be an interesting usage for liquid UU-matter. considering that you're basically creating something from an energy beam. Perhaps cutting the power requirement when transporting from the non-transporter location to the transporter location (with liquid UU-matter piped into the transporter to be used in the re-materialization process), but the normal higher energy requirement going from the transporter to the non-transporter lcoation (since you would need all energy and no matter to re-materialize).

    I don't crash with the new 1.4.6 version, but I do see this buried in the log:

    mistaqurs NEI-Plugin-Pack has that too, you just have to enable Debug-Mode in the general NEI-Config.

    I think you may misunderstand me. It's not that Liquid Roundup isn't finding your liquids, it's crashing the game.
    It doesn't crash with version 2.61b, it IS crashing with 2.61c.

    I have NEI debug mode turned on. (It must be on by default because I never touched it, but it's set to on in the the config.)

    That's already possible. The only missing thing is Redpower for 1.4.5. :D

    Added Liquids for all my Cells except Carbon
    Electric Autocrafting is now only 2500EU per Craft (500EU for Dustpiler and Unificator)
    I think I fixed the Computercube-Access of the GUI for SMP (you know that internal Server Error, when you open the GUI of a ComputerCube, which doesnt belong to you)

    Adding your liquids seems to have broken PluginsforForestry's new Liquid Roundup function.

    Full report is too big for the non-pro pastebin but here's the Forge report:

    I know you're probably going to say "Not my problem, it's Plugins for Forestry", but I thought you might know something since Liquid Roundup's function to to catalog all the registered liquids.

    I also posted on the PluginsforForestry page:…2-open-beta/page__st__920

    Yep, but copper is also supposed to be more efficient than tin (wich isn't really a good way to transmit power lol ^^) ... But we don't care. Does optic fiber conducts electricity ? It could (in the future ^^) conducts energy, but it would need a converter Light-Electricity ...

    I've just suggested more cable because I'm bored of the "Tin for green gens, copper for small setup, opticfiber for long distance". How are you supposed to do if you haven't diamond enough to spend it to power only one machine but don't want extreme losses ?
    That's why I've suggested one cable for each thing lacking in IC², to me.

    Up until recently I worked in the electrical industry. Copper IS more energy efficient that aluminum (it has lower resistance). The reason aluminum is used so much in the industry is that it's much cheaper that copper. The price of copper has spiked for the last decade due to the ramp up of China's economy. When you use aluminum in place of copper, you need to up-size the wire gauge to carry the same amount of current. Copper is so expensive now that quite a few palces have a problem with copper thieves stealing their power cables.

    for IC²-1.110-Official-Release. Could contain minor Bugs. Wrenching for dismantling will work in next Version, until then you can use your Iron Pickaxe.

    Found a bug in the new release. The GregTech Sensor Kit (GT_SensorKit_Item) has disappeared. The sensor card is there, but the kit has vanished.
    I switched the mod back and forth to confirm. I think that's the only thing that's disappeared because ForgeModLoader warns me about it when I load a save.

    EDIT: Not sure what happened, but I exited and restarted and it was back. So, um...nevermind I guess.

    I seem to have a problem with supercondensators, they are not outputting their energy to superconductorcables, if redstoned, they just store up the energy(checked with debugitem), BUT if i place a HV cable on the output side only 1 block in the place of a superconductor (it goes poof ofc) and THEN connect a superconductorcable it works fine. very strage but im guessing thats a quirk of the E-NET.

    playing on forge, IC 1.109, Gregtech 255b

    The supercondensator outputs 8192 EU/t, 4 times more than a HV cable can handle.

    Well that I know... buuuuut I would think more people would be using TE now that KingLemming has released liquiducts, they completely obsoleted liquid pipes for buildcraft. One liquiduct line hooked up to a reactor face is enough to run 1 steam turbine at 100%. Liquiducts move liquids faster than even the value pipe mods industrial liquid pipes (and those things are better than golden liquid pipes)

    Actually, I did some testing and found that one liquiduct pipe is good for three steam turbines at 100%. The liquiduct will carry more steam if you have redstone at the extraction point than if you don't.

    Hello, So, I've been lurking this topic for about 160 pages now and I haven't had a question until now, so I made an account to ask. I have been trying to get a fusion reactor going. I'm testing in creative and I noticed that unless I have a huge number energy receiving blocks, the reactor outputs less power than it produces, and so the internal storage of the reactor fills and it wastes EU. I have currently 5 supercondensators hooked in parallel with long strings of HV transformers leading into AESUs. This does in fact drain the reactor, but if I reduce the number of AESUs that are connected, then the reactor backlogs. I am simply curious if this is intentional or if I am doing something wrong.

    Do you have at least 16 HV transformers?

    Added Industrial Sawmill (small Multiblock Structure). It is for processing Wood (what a Surprise).
    Fixed some Bugs.
    Tweaked the Autocrafting Table again.

    Love the new sawmill, 6 planks and 2 sawdust per log. And I just discovered the secret to boosting the industrial blast furnace as well, mine's chugging along at 3900K now :D

    Centrifuge + empty Fuelcan + Burnable Cell (except Hydrogen) = Filled Fuelcan + empty Cell

    We already have so many Generators, which work on burning Fuel, because almost every Tech-Mod has its own Generator (RC has Steam Boiler for example). The Idea iself is good, but since Fuelcans are not loosing the Cans its already in the Game.

    As long as we're throwing generator ideas in the pen, how about magnetohydrodynamic power generation? ( )
    Could be used to create large amounts of power or steam based on config setting (like the IC2 reactor's config setting.)

    Actually you can use an add-on of buildcraft by denoflions called Valve pipes for the high capacity pipe; It has the Industrial waterproof pipe that have I don't remember 2 or 4 times capacity of normal gold waterproof pipe.. so 2 industrial pipes can provide steam for 100% power of steam turbine.. but that is still too much because fusion reactor only have 2 outputs IIRC...

    Denoflions has balanced the industrial pipes so it does require two pipes per turbine to get to 100%. In other words, as far as steam is conc3rned, they have twice the capacity. Not sure about other liquids, but steam is 2x.

    Make HV trans blow up when they receive that amount of EU/p , so people must use your super condensator / avoid lossy setups with hv-trans.

    Its easy.
    Fusion Reactor outputs 1000000EU/p, it then sends those every few Ticks into HV-Transformers.

    I dont know if a HV-Transformer can store 1000000EU internally, so it COULD be, that all the EU is wasted, when using pure HV-Transformers, without any Supercondensators.

    This might be a silly request, but is it possible to make the superconducting cable a little bit smaller than full block size? Like how the 4xHV cable has large diameter, but doesn't take up the full block space. It makes it look a bit more like a "wire" than a machine that way.

    The side with the dot is the output..

    Btw, you don't need the supercondensator for fusion reactor, just connect superconductor wires directly from the output of the fusion reactor and then connect your superconductor wires to 16 HV transformers and then to glass fibres and lastly to your storage unit (better try it in creative :D)

    Something's fishy here. I though the way it was supposed to work was that you need the supercondensor (unless you're using an old verison of GregTech). The reactor puts out 32768 EU/t, but in the form of 1000000 EU/p. The superconductor converts that to 8192 EU/t (so you need 4 to convert all 32768 EU). You need 4 HV transformers for each supercondensor to safely absorb all that power (each HV transformer converts 2048 EU/t to 512 EU/t). I set mine up using superconducting wire from the reactor to a 4-way split, then each branch goes to a supercondensor, then more superconducting wire, then 4 HV transformers per branch, for a total of 16 HV transformers.

    Is this a bug, Greg? Or did you change the reactor mechanics, again?

    On a side note, scientists have discovered a way to convert thorium to weapons-grade Uranium-233 using standard lab equipment. It takes 1.6 metric tons of thorium to make 8 kg of U-233, but it might be something to incorporate into GregTech in some way. (…-nuclear-wonder-fuel.html)