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    1. Seems to be the old IC2-Bug with Cables. Or you did something else wrong.

    2. Do you have 1.109 or the official 1.110? If one Mod is not updated to the 1.110 and has an IC2-API, then wrenching Stuff is broken.

    3. You forgot to count cable loss. Do really that much people take EU-loss on Cables not as a serious Problem?

    Thanks for actual answers this time.

    2. I'm running 1.110 and some of the mods I am using are not updated to 1.110 yet, so I understand. Thanks.

    3. I didn't think there was that much EU loss over only 3 gold cables, your right though, I never actually checked to see how much loss i'm experiencing. I tried again later with a full MFE and I got it to finish twice with plenty of EU left over. I think something just went wrong earlier.

    Thanks again.

    Why dont you read the Q/A? Its a REQUIREMENT to read it, before posting anything here. My Prof was right. One cant stop people from not reading things like Q/A's. It's usually called the "read the fucking manual"-Problem.

    Install notes say AFTER YOU INSTALLED IC2 PROPERLY. And you didnt do that. You installed another Mod, which breaks IC2s API, remove the depricated IC2-API of said IC2-breaking Mod.

    1. Ah, see, but I did read the FAQ and the problem isn't the one listed in the FAQ. The problem is that the machine kept taking EU even AFTER I had removed the block from the world. The only 2 ways I found to fix it was to break the wire next to the MFE or by switching redstone output of the MFE.

    2. So I installed a mod that breaks IC2? I am playing with IC2, Gregtech, Advanced Machines, Compact Solars, NuclearControl, GraviSuite, and MFFS. Do any of those break IC2? I don't know how I would find out which one breaks IC2 without sitting here swapping out each mod 1 at a time until I can remove gregtech machines with the wrench again.

    3. So after all is said and done and I read guides and watched videos I still cant' get the electrolyzer to actually produce anything that takes a significant amount of EU. putting in 12 bauxite says it takes 256,000 EU and takes 100 seconds. Does that mean I have to maintain a constant 256k EU at the other end of the line for that 100 seconds? I have a MFE full (600k EU) outputting at 128/t (which is the max for electrolyzer) and after it takes 200k EU from the MFE it resets progress and tells me it's a "insufficient energy line". (The MFE still has another 400k EU stored)

    THAT'S NOT A BUG. You don't know how often people report that "bug" which is completely intentional.

    All GregTech machines use the input items before they start processing. So when you put, say, 12 bauxite dust in the electrolyzer, it will use up all 12, and 8 cells and then start running. It will use power even though there's nothing in the input slot because it's still trying to process the stuff that was in the input slot before.
    If it ever runs out of power, it will restart the process. That's also intentional. Since it keeps restarting you might not be able to see the progress bar move, so you could think it's a bug.

    Yea sorry I didn't explain the entire problem. I edited in the entire problem. Please re-read :)

    The industrial Electrolyzer broke on me once. I tried to use it without having enough power to do what i wanted, so it drained my energy and got half way done, then when i ran out, it reset back to start and then took some power and filled a little, then reset to start, and continued that process unending. I then removed the empty cells and clay dust from the machine and it continued to do that and drain power. (immibis explained this is all normal, but read on>)

    I then removed the machine block itself and it CONTINUED to take power. I broke the cable connecting it to the LV transformer and it continued to take power, i then broke the cable that connected the LV transformer to the MFE and it finally stopped taking power. I reconnected and set it all back up and it worked fine again.. Changing the redstone output mode also stops it from taking power when it's no longer hooked up.

    Second possible problem(don't know if it's intentional): When I remove the electrolyzer with the wrench it just disappears completely.

    I also got this crash error later, i don't know if it's gregtech or related:

    Are you certain that you grabbed it from "Important stuff" instead of "Old versions"?

    Yes I downloaded from importantstuff, from the dropbox, for mc version 1.4.5. I just checked the modinfo, it says for minecraft 1.4.5. I have minecraft 1.4.5, forge, and the gregtech from this link: Drop the (most recent and for MC1.4.5)

    I redownloaded everything multiple times. I still get the Unknown Dust!!!! message for all Metallurgy dusts.

    Quoted from "Grimshad"
    So when I run mc, Gregtech says there's unknown dust and that I should report it so they can add it for compatibility. The dust it's talking about is from Metallurgy:…k-in-minecraft/

    Do you use an old Version? AND WHY DONT YOU TELL ME THE DUST!?!

    I'm using the latest version of minecraft, forge, IC2, and gregtech. and I did tell you the dust. It's right here >>>

    EDIT: Apparently links don't work on this forum, because the link above does not take you where it is supposed to. All of the dust is from the Metallurgy 2 Mod.
    EDIT: If you copy/paste the link in your browser it works.