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    First rule is: Whenever possible, don't change the ID of anything you already have in your world. Change the ID in the new add-on you're adding to your build.

    If you're unable to do that for whatever reason, then go with what you've got and rebuild whatever got changed. Even a MkIII Charging Bench isn't that expensive - 5 wood, 3 iron and an Advanced Circuit.

    no thats just it now the solar array recipe creates an charging bench and the charging bench recipe gives me a solar array

    First i would like to say that i love the charging bench mod AND the advanced machines mod they are both awesome addons which i cannot live without, put i cant use the charging bench mod right now because an id conflicts id 189 the mk1 charging bench id is the same as solar array id for advanced machines. I tried fixing it put then it just turned my mk1 charging bench into a solar array (i changed the id of the charging bench) i dont really need you to fix anything if someone tells me how to fix it myself. Thanks for the time you took reading this

    Whenever i go 50 or so blocks away from my machines i get a massive lagspike i am 100% sure there is something wrong with the sound because when i disabled sounds of minecraft i didnt get any lagspikes.

    Also it is not my computer when i am near the machines i get 50-60fps.

    PS:If i did something wrong like didnt explain it well enough please just tell me and i will fix it

    i know people ask this all the time (when this will be updated) put i have the same question basically the tempfix that was posted on page 13 i think doesnt work for me it just crashes when will this be updated to a later buildcraft version? i would gladly downgrade my buildcraft put i am running mods that need a later version of buildcraft